Saturday, November 2, 2013

Civil War Melodies - Month 10 - Celebrating Freedom

This month's BOM is called Celebrating Freedom.  This is the completed block.  It was easy overall but the "sawtooth" piecing was a bit more difficult because of the small size.  I was very careful with the measuring and cutting so it was not difficult and everything fit together well. 

8 1/2" x 8 1/2"

The history lesson that accompanies this BOM is about music of the slaves and how they celebrated their freedom.  I recall that in elementary school we sang, "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."  The slaves sang waiting for the chariots from God and the heavens to take them away from their lives on the plantation. 

"Some slaves chose to remain at the homes of their masters during the war, many more chose freedom.  When a few slaves surrendered to Union forces and learned that the Union soldiers would not return them to their owners, word quickly spread and thousands of slaves headed north.  In just four short months during the summer of 1861, 15,000 slaves found their way to freedom."

"Chorus:  Slavery chain done broke down at last, broke at last, broke at last,
Slavery chain done broke at last, Going to praise God til I die."

The Union needed more troops and started black regiments.  "Oh Freedom," was another song used to encourage men to keep marching in tough condition.

"Oh freedom, oh freedom, oh freedom over me
And before I'd be a slave I'll be buried in a my grave
And go home to my Lord and be free."

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