Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Kate Spain Charm Swap Pictures


I am just amazed that Michele of Quilts from my Crayon Box sorted through 112 charm packs and distributed them to all 56 of us who participated.

These pictures are from Michele's blog.

All of the envelopes from the participants.

Michele's daughter, Sunshine, helped with the emptying of the envelopes.

Can you believe this?

6,272 charm squares from 112 different Kate Spain fabrics.

Here is another photo of the charms when Michele started to sort them.  All participants, 56 of us, received one of each charm!  

That's a lot of sorting!

Here is the final product that all of us received. 
 On Michele's Flickr group, she named each of the fabric lines and the individual fabrics.  Michele, you are amazing!  Thank you so much!

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