Sunday, March 30, 2014

Top Finished - Charm Pack Cherry Quilt Pattern

I started the Charm Pack Cherry Quilt this morning.  I finished the top tonight.  It was really fun to sew together.  I used four charm packs for this quilt:  two solid charm packs by Bella Solid, Robins Egg'  The other two print charm packs are from Moda designed by Sandy Gervais, "Chance of Flowers."

I watched the video/demonstration this morning on YouTube before I started.  It looked easy and I was not going anywhere today so I just sewed it together.  I will have to find a back.  It requires 3 1/2 yards of fabric.  You can also download the pattern from

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along - Week #10

This is week #10 and the last week of the Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along.  We have done all of the blocks in the book and I have thoroughly enjoyed sewing all twenty of them!

Exploding Star Block
The Exploding Star Block was absolutely fun to sew.  I was not sure about using the green solid fabric but now that I look at it, it isn't too bad.

Geometric Star Block
Now, I really loved this block, the Geometric Star.  I loved using the blue and red fabrics together but using the lime green was a step that I was very hesitant about.  I really like the look of the block.  It looks great to me!

I loved this block along.  The blocks were so different yet familiar.  These were traditional blocks that were made modern.  LOVED IT!

Charm Pack Cherry Quilt Pattern

I have not blogged since last week and I feel compelled to put one together today.  It's raining now but we need the rain in Northern California to help us get rid of the three-year drought.  I can't go outside so why not blog!

I have been working with my co-chairs of the Country Store.  We belong to is the River City Quilters Guild.  We have been updating forms to hand out and put on the internet for the members that contribute handmade crafts to sell at our quilt show.  I also had dental work last Monday, two crowns that had fillings that were over 40 years old with cracks that would eventually cause me much pain.  It doesn't hurt but having my mouth open wide for three hours caused a lot of pain in and around my jaw for a couple of days.  Fortunately, it has now subsided!  Yay!

My sewing machine has been idle for a week now and I thought that I had better do something!  I decided that I would try my hand at the Charm Pack Cherry Quilt Pattern, a free pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop: and there is also a video on YouTube that you can watch Kimberly Jolly demonstrate how to make one of these quilts.

The pattern looks easy and the instructions are usually well written and easy to follow.  The FQS write patterns for "It's Sew Emma."  I have used their patterns previously and I like them very much because of the easy-to-follow directions.

I decided to use two print charm packs called "Chance of Flowers" by Sandy Gervais for Moda and two solid charm packs from Bella Solids by Moda.

I am using the Robin Egg Solid and the flower print so that the quilt would look like spring.  I don't know if I like the Robin Egg charm pack yet.  I may change my mind later.

I do have my last week of blocks due for the Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along.  I want to finish those blocks first before I start the charm pack quilt.  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along - Week #9

I enjoyed sewing both blocks this week.  There was no paper piecing but the blocks were fun.

Mosaic #8 Block
Star and Pinwheel Block
I especially liked the Star and Pinwheel Block.  After this block along, I am going to make a concerted effort to make a quilt with this block. 

Hampton Ridge - Month 6

I picked up my Hampton Ridge fabric for Month #6 yesterday.  I just finished Month #5 the day before.  I hate falling behind so I thought I had better do the current month now or suffer the consequences when I fall even further behind.

Block #22
Block #23
Block #24
Block #25
I enjoyed sewing these blocks especially Block #25.  I love sewing sawtooth stars but I especially enjoy the simplicity of this block.

I need to get back to my sewing today.  I have this weeks blocks for the Vintage Quilt Revival due Sunday night. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Catching up......Month 5 - Hampton Ridge

I did not have time to sew last month's Hampton Ridge blocks.  This month's blocks are scheduled for me to pick up this week so I thought I had better sew the Month 5 blocks before I fall further behind.

Block #17

Block #18
Block #19
Block #20
Block #21
There are 41 of these blocks in the Hampton Ridge Quilt.  It has been fun except that I find that the blocks are somewhat small, 8" unfinished.

Alphabitties Review

I wanted to share with you a wonderful tool that I enjoy using.  They are called the Alphabitties.  These plastic "labels" help keep you organized.  I used them to help make my piecing a little bit faster.  I use those great Clover clips to label each fabric that I cut so I don't have to look back to see which fabric I cut a certain size or colors of fabrics that look similar to other fabrics that I cut.  LOVE THEM!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along - Week #8

This block along has been a blast.  I've enjoyed sewing these blocks and I am sad that there are only three weeks left but I am looking forward to sewing all of the blocks into one large quilt.  

Cross and Crown Block
The Cross and Crown Block was a fun block to piece.  I enjoy paper piecing and the block came together quickly.

Double Windmill Block
This is another block that required partial seams.  Loved it!  This is a technique that I learned several years ago and never really had to use it prior to last week.  

I made some kind of error on this block.  It is only 11" square instead of 12 1/2" square.  I don't know where I went wrong but I will try to go back to figure it out. 

Spring Cleaning

I started my spring cleaning last week after I complained about not having enough time to sew!  Hahaha, I am a glutton for punishment!  I have been cleaning my sewing area, office area and the kitchen.  I hope to be done soon so I can get to my numerous sewing projects that need my attention!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along - Week #7

I have been working for two weeks now.  I have not been able to sew as much as I have wanted but I have had a lot of fun working with the staff at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento.  I worked in the Attendance Office three years ago, four hours a day.  I just worked part-time and was very satisfied getting to know the wonderful students that attend this outstanding high school.  The job became full-time in 2011 and I knew that I did not want to do that.  For the last two weeks, it has been a blast working full-time and getting to know the students again.  The current class of seniors were freshmen when I last worked there.  It has been a pleasure seeing them and getting to know them again.  I am working Monday and Tuesday of the coming week but I can't wait to get back to my full-time sewing!

Lastly, I wanted to thank VP Tanya Baker for the lovely tulips that she gave all of us last Friday.

Back to the Block Along!

This has been the best block/quilt along that I have ever followed.  The blocks are large, 12 1/2" and not complicated, so far.  

Wheel of Fortune Block
The Wheel of Fortune block was fun but when I was finished, I wished that I had just two contrasting fabrics in the center.  I can still make another block when I start to assemble the blocks into a quilt.

Tilted Star Block
I enjoyed the Tilted Star block immensely because it utilized the partial seam technique.  I had not used this technique in years so it was so pleasurable to sew one again!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kate Spain Charm Swap Round 2

Michele of "Quilts From My Crayon Box" is hosting the next round of Kate Spain's charm exchange!  This was so fun the last time that I signed up to participate again! 

If you like Kate Spain's fabrics, you need to join this very fun group!  We purchase fabric from any of Kate Spain's fabrics and cut them into 5" charm squares and send them to Michele.  She sorts through them and sends everyone that is participating a charm square of each fabric.  The only stipulation is that we do not use a fabric that was used in the last charm exchange.  There is a list that Michele has on her blog. 

I have already purchased two pieces of fabric to exchange.

Daydream - Ink Arcadia

Daydream - Scarlet Reverie
They are beautiful pieces of fabric.  I forgot to mention that we must post them on Flickr so that other participants will not send in the same fabrics.  I chose Kate's newest collection, Daydream.  I know that they were not included in the last charm exchange since they were just released last month.

Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along - Week #6

This week's blocks are again, fun to make! 

Mayflower Block

This was a fun block.  It required only two colors.  Because it was paper-pieced, it was easy to sew.

Crosspatch Block
I really enjoyed this block because of the different fabrics that I was able to use.  I don't really know if I like the combination of colors that I used or if I like the placement of each fabric.  All I know is that it is a blast just using these fabrics.