Thursday, December 28, 2017

Saturday Sampler BOM - Month #10 - Perseus and Month #11 - Dorado

These are the next two months of the Saturday Sampler BOM in the two color ways:  Solid Muslims and 1880's Reproduction fabrics:

Solid Muslins
Month #10 - Perseus
1880's Reproduction Fabrics
Month #10 - Perseus

Solid Muslins
Month #11 - Dorado

1880's Reproduction Fabrics
Month #11 - Dorado

There is one more month left to complete this Block of the Month Quilt.  I also received the finishing kit two months ago and haven't started it.  Hopefully, it will not be difficult.  I hope to have it finished SOON!

1880's Reproduction Fabrics - Months #8 & #9

It has been at least two months since I posted my last blocks.  I apologize...I have been working quite a but and trying to sew and post to this blog is time consuming.

For the Saturday Sampler BOM, I have making two color ways of the blocks:  the muslin solids and 1880's Reproduction fabrics.  I last posted month #8 and #9 blocks with the muslin solids.  Here are the same blocks with the 1880's Reproduction fabrics:

1880's Reproduction Fabrics
Month #8 - Octaus

1880's Reproduction Fabrics
Month #9 - Andromeda

Monday, October 23, 2017

Saturday Sampler - Months #8 and #9

I haven't made any posts to this blog in quite awhile.  I have been working everyday, Monday through Friday and we bought a condo to be closer to our children.  So my days and weekends have been busy.  Also my son is getting married this coming weekend in Chandler, Arizona so I haven't had much time to sew or post to this blog.  I apologize.

I finally sewed month #8 or last month's block:  Octaus.  It was easy to do so I thought I would post this one tonight,

12" x 12" Finished - Octaus

12" x 12" Finished - Andromeda

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2017 Summer Sampler - Block 14 - Saddle Star

This week's block from the 2017 Summer Sampler is the "Saddle Star."  It was sewn together using the paper piecing technique.  It was enjoyable and easy.

It did not take long to sew because of the paper piecing. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017 Summer Sampler - Block 13 - Compass Star

I am caught up with the blocks of the 2017 Summer Sampler!  Only for a few hours because I will receive Block 14 in the morning.  

This block was sewn together with paper piecing.  It was easy only because I enjoy this technique.  


Saturday, August 12, 2017

2017 Summer Sampler - Blocks 11 and 12

I finished two blocks today and really enjoyed sewing them together and both blocks required piecing.  

Block 11 is called "Pixie Dust Star."  I just noticed that I did not put some of the pieces on correctly.  I will ignore it for now and try to fix it later.

Block 12 is "Ombre Star."  I like the look of the modern blocks and colors.  It is fun because I usually don't use these fun colors.

I will be caught up when I finish block 13.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

2017 Summer Sampler - Week #10 - Spring Star

My sewing machine should be returned any day now.  I have it in the shop because of it's tension problem.  Hope it returns in good shape.  In the mean time, I am continuing to catch up with the weekly 2017 Summer Sampler.

The Week 10 block is called "Spring Star."  This block was paper-pieced and fairly simple to sew together.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2017 Summer Sampler - Block 9

I am behind again.  It was experiencing tension problems and I took my machine for service.  My small back-up machine was in storage so I took it home and finished today's block:  Midland Star - Block #9.

I loved making this block because it was easy to follow and the fabrics that I have been mostly using have been the "cool" blues and greens.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Saturday Sampler - Block #7 - Aquila

Last Saturday, I picked up the next installment in the "Saturday Sampler" BOM (Block of the Month).  This is the 7th block in the quilt and it is called "Aquila."
It is a beautiful quilt of solid muslin fabric.  I finished it yesterday and the other block that I make with Civil War Reproduction Fabrics.

Aquila - Block #7 - 12" x 12" (F) - Solid Muslin

Aquila - Block #7 - 12" x 12" (F) - Civil War Reproduction

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2017 Summer Sampler - Block #8

I was finally able to finish block #8 this afternoon.  The block is named: Princess Cut Star.  It took me a little longer to finish because we changed to another cable company and the installer came this morning and had to change out wire underneath our house and out to the telephone pole.  He was finished until this afternoon so I could finally finish this block.

This block was sewn together with paper piecing.  I enjoyed the process because it is fast, easy and I like the technique.  

I received my 9th block yesterday morning so I will begin sewing that tomorrow afternoon.  I have a class at my local quilt store, "Fabric Garden" in Sacramento.  It is on the Creative Grids rulers.  We are introduced to the incredible rulers by designers who think differently than most of us do.  These make our lives so easy by helping us make straighter and more accurate cuts of the fabric.  I can't wait to see which ruler we will be using and learning about tomorrow.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

2017 Summer Sampler - Block #7

Woo Hoo!  I finished another block, #7, called the "Turning Star."  The block was sewn together using foundation paper piecing.  It was again, fast and easy to do because of the paper piecing.

Some of the colors depicted above are not correct.  The background is white (not beige) and the center colors are pretty close to the actual colors.  

I have one more block and I am essentially caught up with the 2017 Summer Sampler.  The next block will be in my email Monday morning.  I will try to sew that block together ASAP.  In the meantime, block #8 is awaiting my attention.

Summer Sampler 2017 - #6

I am slowly catching up on the 2017 Summer Sampler by three quilters:  Katie (, Lee ( and Faith ( Their blogs are informative, wonderful and modern.  I receive their blog posts through email and always read them.  I enjoy their tips and looking at their quilts.

Week #6 block is called the "Marine Star."  I love all of the blocks but this I enjoyed sewing it and of course, the paper piecing.  I know that there are quilters who do not care for paper piecing but I can understand you non-acceptance of this technique:  working on the back of the paper, purchasing the special paper piecing paper and sewing through all of the thickness of the fabric but I love it so much.  To me it is easy and quick especially considering the sharp points are really SHARP!  This block is my favorite, so far.

Well, I have two more blocks to complete:  blocks 7 & 8.  I will continue to work.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Sampler 2017 - Block #5

Once again, I am catching up with these blocks of the week.  I am several weeks behind, four to be exact.  Block #5 is called Alchemy, a medieval slant that reminds me of the Dark Age.

This block was another fun block to sew together.  Not that difficult but you had to be precise in your sewing and pinning (I'm an avid user of pins) to be sure that certain seams would meet in order to look crisp and well sewn.

I don't know what is wrong with me or my camera.  I can't get the correct colors of the blocks to transfer to this post.  I will have to read up on it.

Blocks 6, 7 and 8 still to do!  Catching up.....

Monday, July 3, 2017

Saturday Summer BOM - 2017

Last Saturday was the sixth block in the Saturday Summer BOM.  The block is called the Lyra.  The colors of the original block are very muted and blue/green. I loved sewing both of the blocks.

12.5 Inches - Unfinished

This photo does not reflect the true colors.
I am not sure how to fix it.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Catching up - Sleigh Bell Block of the Month - #10 and #11

I am slowly catching up with all of my block of the month projects.  I find that I catch up and then the month ends and I am behind again. 

Month's 10 and 11 were very sweet blocks:  the Christmas House and the Snow Flake.  I just finished the Snow Flake this morning and the Christmas House yesterday.  I enjoyed sewing them together once they were finished but I must say that I don't like sewing the small pieces.  I feel like I am all thumbs when I try to pin and sew them together.

This block of the month is coming to an end soon.  The twelfth block will be the next one I receive.  

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

2017 Summer Sampler - #4 - Rosetta Star

Monday of this week, I received the fourth installment of the 2017 Summer Sampler.  It is a lovely block and very easy to sew together because it was paper-pieced.

Week #4 - Rosetta Star - 12" Finished

Monday, June 5, 2017

Saturday Sampler BOM - 2017 - Month #5

Last Saturday was the fifth meeting of our Saturday Sampler Block of the Month (BOM).  We discussed the block and how to sew it together.  There are quite a few beginners in the class so they need to discuss everything.  

Our BOM is called "Ara."  The block was particularly easy this month.  It is basically a large 9-patch block with five of the nine portions were four-patches.  

As always, I do two versions of each of the blocks:  (1) The solid modern version and (2) the Civil War Reproduction fabrics version.

Solid Modern Version

Civil War Reproduction Fabric Version

Friday, June 2, 2017

Summer Sampler 2017

About a month ago, I received an e-mail about joining a summer sampler series.  I received three separate e-mails from Faith of FreshLemonsQuilrs, Katie from SwimBikeQuilt, and Lee of FreshlyPiecedQuilts.  I did participate in their summer sampler series a couple of years ago.  It was called the "Vintage Quilt Revival" and it was based on the book that they (Faith, Katie and Lee) had just published.  That was quite a fun quilt to make.  

Anyway, this time we were to purchase the pattern and wait for an e-mail with instructions on how to make each block every Monday.  Of course, I ordered my fabric late so I just caught up this past weekend with the first three blocks.  I basically stayed with the fabrics that were suggested but I added a few more blues.  I received the first two blocks without all of my fabric so I waited patiently until all of them arrived.  The instructions give a 12" and a 6" version of each block.  I am toying with the idea of making both sizes but I have only done the 12" blocks because I am trying to organize my stash, patterns and quilt books to be in one place and not scattered somewhere in four different places in my house.

Block 1:  Millcreek Star

Block 2:  Tilted Star

Block 3:  Celestial Star

These blocks, so far, have been fun and easy to sew.  Fortunately, I like to paper piece so the third block was easy to do.

I also have to apologize that my blocks do not look very pretty.  I am not a good photographer and I can't seem to get the colors to come out looking like the fabrics that I used.  Sorry....

If you have Instagram, you can see some of the other blocks on #summersample2017.

Monday, May 15, 2017

2017 Saturday Sampler - Month #4

This month's block is called the "Libra."  It is a very pretty block and easy to sew together.  As I have stated in the past, we are making a 12 block quilt in solids and we have the option to also make another quilt with Civil War Reproduction fabric.  I chose to do both type of blocks.

12.5" block 

Sewn in the Civil War Reproduction Fabrics.

Monday, April 17, 2017

2017 Saturday Sampler - Month 3 - Centaurus

This month's Saturday Sampler is called Centaurus.  It is easy and I love the fabrics.  I opted to make a modern block with solids and a 1800 Reproduction Block.

Centaurus Block made with 1800 Reproduction Fabric

Modern Block with Solids

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sleigh Bell Block of the Month - Month 9

This month's block of the month for the Sleigh Bell Quilt is an ornament.  It was very easy because the instructions are easy to understand and the pieces of the block are large.

I enjoyed this little ornament.  I usually sew with the television on and I watched the last NCAA March Madness game:  Kentucky vs. North Carolina. I also enjoyed watching the game and sewing my block.  

Three more months to go and all of the blocks will be complete.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Creative Grids - Week #2 - Strippy Stars

This week's Creative Grids class focused on the "Strippy Stars Ruler," Designed by Deb Heatherly, CCRDH2.  The companion book, "Strippy Stars," is a very good book that shows all of the stars that can be made with the ruler and all of the instructions are included.

Strippy Stars Ruler/Tool - CCRDH2

Strippy Stars Book by Deb Heatherly

The difference between these stars and the Ohio Star Blocks is the legs of the Strippy Stars are longer.  On the Ohio Stars the legs are exactly half of the of the center piece.

Jill gave us enough fabric to make one 4" Strippy Star.

We used the 4-inch mark on the ruler to make the block above.  It is an 8-inch square block.

I used the 1 1/2-inch mark on the ruler to make this 5-inch block.

Making the 8-inch block was very easy to make.  Our homework for the next Creative Grids class is to make four blocks again.  I can't wait to do it.

Friday, March 10, 2017

New Class - Creative Grids

Last Wednesday, I started a new class/club:  A Creative Grids Club.  It is a 12 week class and we meet twice in one month.  Our first class was last week and we learned all about the Creative Girds 6" Log Cabin Trim Tool.  

Each time we meet, Carol and Jill introduce us to a new Creative Grids Tool/Ruler.  I was a bit skeptical because I dislike log cabin blocks.  My blocks are difficult to piece because of the fabric and somehow I cannot cut them straight.  

They explained that this tool helped each block to be similar and easy to sew together.

We watch a video on the TV in the classroom and we are given fabric.  Once the video is done we try to make the block:  a 6" Log Cabin.

This is the block we made from the fabric that was given to us.  It was fun and very fast to sew together.  

We were given "homework":  to make four additional log cabin blocks.  I just finished this tonight.  I like the look and I was able to use some of my scraps to complete the homework.

Monday, March 6, 2017

2017 Mystery Saturday Sampler - Month #2

Month #2 went without a hitch.  I had finished Month #1 quickly and brought it with me to the class last Saturday.  When you show the previous month's finished block, you get the next block pattern and fabric for free.  It is such a DEAL!  This month's block is called "Antila."  It was a fun block, fairly easy to put together and a very pretty block.  As with last month's block, there was the option of making a block out of 1800 Reproduction fabric.  I opted to do it again, as I did last month.

1800 Reproduction Fabrics

Solid Fabric

I apologize for the lighting while taking the photographs of the blocks.  I did not use the correct lamp so the photos did not turn out well.  I will do better next time.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sleigh Bell BOM - Month 8

This month's Sleigh Bell block of the month (BOM) is a Christmas Basket.  I did not add the appliqued Christmas leaves and berry because I really don't like to applique.  I am not successful at it so I chose not to do it.

I finished the block this morning.  It is easy to make and finished it quickly.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Month 6 - Quilter's Joy Mystery Quilt

I just finished the sixth month of Quilter's Joy Mystery Quilt.  It was fun but much more sewing was needed to complete this month's quilt portions.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Baggie A 

This is one of 9 pieces in Baggie A.  I am making the Quaintly Queen-sized Quilt and using the French General fabric:  Madame Rouge. There are baggies B-E, Baggies H-I and Baggie K with parts of the mystery quilt.

There will be two more month's of classes.  The parts that I can see, for example Baggie A is very beautiful.  

Friday, February 17, 2017

Vacation & the Double Wedding Ring Quilt

We planned a vacation last year for our family to celebrate my husband's retirement.  We decided to rent an Airbnb that would fit all eight of us.  It was a blast.  Our children and their "signifcant other" went snorkeling, swimming and ate our way through South Kihei's restaurants.

From L to R: Caroline (our youngest child), Jocelyn (our son's fiance),
Dermet (my spouse), Liz (me), Tom (our son), August (Erin's husband),
Eric (Caroline's boyfriend) and Erin (our oldest).

We went whale watching last Saturday when there was a storm coming in.  The water was so choppy that many of our fellow passengers were green and throwing up over the side of the boat.  Fortunately, my husband had brought "seasickness" patches and we were fine.  We saw many whales from afar.  I enjoyed watching a "calf" demonstrate it's breaching skills.  There were many breaching whales and it was a pleasure to be able to see them.  The crew kept apologizing for the weather.  We wanted the boat to get closer to the whales (within the allowed limits) but it was difficult because of the Kona Winds.

Our son, Tom and his fiance, Jocelyn are getting married this coming October, 2017 in Arizona.  They met while in graduate school in Glendale, Arizona and both are now pharmacists.  I decided to make them a quilt as a wedding quilt.  I decided to make a "Double Wedding Ring Quilt."  I did quite a bit of research and decided to make the quilt from Quiltsmart's Double Wedding Ring using interfacing to make the process go faster and less hassle on my part.  I searched YouTube and found several videos of the technique used and really thought that I could easily do it.  I selected the fabrics and Jocelyn helped me by letting me know that she loved "blues and grays."

The four fabrics in the center were 
purchased from Craftsy:  Boundless Ombre.

The two fabrics were purchased from my 
local fabric shop in Sacramento, Fabric
Garden.  They are Northcut Fabrics by
Deborah Edwards.

I brought these fabrics with me to Maui.  I was hoping to finish cutting the pieces from  2 1/2" strips.  I was only able to do half of them but it was fun just playing with the different shades of each of the fabrics.  Fortunately, Quiltsmart sells the small template on it's website.  

There is a drawing of the template on the pattern 
but as some of you know, it is so much easier to 
use the thick template plastic then make
a template out of cardboard or thin template plastic.

The template was larger then the required 2 1/2" 
strip.  I just "eyeballed" the middle of the
template and cut out the piece that I needed.

The next step is to attach the 
interfacing to the sewn six fabrics.

Sew on the solid line, the dotted line
next to the sewing line is the cutting
line and the other dotted line at
the ends must be inside of the fabric.

I used the "Bow Whip" Turn-it All to turn the 
tube inside out.  It was horrible.  I will have to bring my tube turner and ask someone to show me how to successfully use it.  It was so hard to turn.  In the Youtube video, they used a different tube turner and I just ordered it.  I hope that it is easier to use.

I will post photos of the coming steps.  It has been fairly straight forward so far.  I hope that it isn't more complicated.