Sunday, January 21, 2018

Star Spangled in Blu - Finished months 1 & 2

Well, I finished the first package of the BOM, Star Spangled in Blu.  I sewed together all of the navy blocks of the Star Spangled Banner.

This little portion of the Star Spangled Banner is only 4 7/8 inches (unfinished) probably closer to 5 inches without the rounded ends from corner to corner or each side.  Ugh!  I really dislike these small pieces.  I had to make eight of them but sewing both both parts together was difficult.  I like to keep the papers on until I am finished joining them but there was too much bulk.  I found it far easier to remove the paper and join them together.

Here is the Star Spangled Banner block that the eight navy pieces (the first photo above) will be sewn together with eight of the brown little blocks.  The reason I decided to show this 22 inch block is I just peeked at next months packet and that is what is in store for me to do with a nice larger block!  Yes to the larger block!

I was able to finish the navy blocks because it was Saturday.  Sunday will quickly come to a close and I will probably not have much time to make the brown bits until later in the week.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

New BOM - Star Spangled in Blu

This new block of the month started two months ago.  I am catching up and just started to work on the first two months.  

This is the cover of the new block of the month.  It is by the same designer as the Flock of Feathered Stars, Carolyn Cullinan McCormick.  I love her designs and was so happy that my quilt store, Fabric Garden chose this quilt to have as a BOM.  I forgot to mention that this quilt is totally paper-pieced.  Some quilters like it and some hate it.  I love it!

The first two months were in the same packet we pick-upped.  I did the easy and larger block first:  Ducklings.  It would have been easy to just cut the pieces and sew together but I think it was selected because it is an easy block to paper-piece.  It is a 10 inch block.

If you look at the quilt on the cover you can see that there is a medallion block in the middle, the Star Spangled Banner.  We will be sewing parts of this block every month.  Here is this months part of the block that we sewed.

These were very small pieces to sew together.  I disliked sewing all those small pieces but I know that it has to be done.  There were eight of them and brown combined to make that 22 inch star.  

I will work on the next month's "Star Spangled in Blu" block and part of the Star Spangled Banner.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Summer Sampler Quilt - Assembly

The twelve blocks are sewn together.  I opted for the dark background (navy).  The blocks are arranged on point.

The fabric is a "colored" solid muslim.  I enjoyed using the solid fabrics.  I LOVE solids so this was so enjoyable.  The measurement of this portion of the quilt is 51.5" x 68.5".  There are four borders to add to the quilt.  Border 1 is 2 5/8" wide (top and bottom) and 3" wide (side border).  Border 2 is the pieced border.  Border 3, top/bottom and side borders are 2 1/4" wide.  The 4th Border is grey and is 4" wide.  I will post a photo of the quilt as I finish each border.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Saturday Sampler - Month #12

This month is the last of the Saturday Sampler Quilt.  The block is called Columbia.  it is an easy and colorful block to sew.  As I always try to do, I make a solid muslim block and a 1880's reproduction fabric block.

Saturday Sampler - Solid Muslim

Saturday Sampler - 1880's Reproduction Fabric

I have been sewing the inner and outer borders.  It is a very colorful quilt.  I have never made a quilt with a dark background before now.  I am excited to compete it.  I will post photos of the progress of putting this quilt together.  The quilt is on point with a dark background.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Saturday Sampler BOM - Month #10 - Perseus and Month #11 - Dorado

These are the next two months of the Saturday Sampler BOM in the two color ways:  Solid Muslims and 1880's Reproduction fabrics:

Solid Muslins
Month #10 - Perseus
1880's Reproduction Fabrics
Month #10 - Perseus

Solid Muslins
Month #11 - Dorado

1880's Reproduction Fabrics
Month #11 - Dorado

There is one more month left to complete this Block of the Month Quilt.  I also received the finishing kit two months ago and haven't started it.  Hopefully, it will not be difficult.  I hope to have it finished SOON!

1880's Reproduction Fabrics - Months #8 & #9

It has been at least two months since I posted my last blocks.  I apologize...I have been working quite a but and trying to sew and post to this blog is time consuming.

For the Saturday Sampler BOM, I have making two color ways of the blocks:  the muslin solids and 1880's Reproduction fabrics.  I last posted month #8 and #9 blocks with the muslin solids.  Here are the same blocks with the 1880's Reproduction fabrics:

1880's Reproduction Fabrics
Month #8 - Octaus

1880's Reproduction Fabrics
Month #9 - Andromeda

Monday, October 23, 2017

Saturday Sampler - Months #8 and #9

I haven't made any posts to this blog in quite awhile.  I have been working everyday, Monday through Friday and we bought a condo to be closer to our children.  So my days and weekends have been busy.  Also my son is getting married this coming weekend in Chandler, Arizona so I haven't had much time to sew or post to this blog.  I apologize.

I finally sewed month #8 or last month's block:  Octaus.  It was easy to do so I thought I would post this one tonight,

12" x 12" Finished - Octaus

12" x 12" Finished - Andromeda