Monday, October 24, 2016

I Found Another Kit to Sew!

I found another kit while I was organizing (little at a time) my fabric stash.  I found a kit that I, again purchased from Connecting Threads.  I seem to have quite a few kits from the same era, around 2007, from the back of the pattern, the copyright date.  I can see why I was attracted to this kit:  the pattern features blue batiks.  My favorite color and type of fabric that I love to sew.  The pattern is called "Check Out the Stars."  It came with the original pattern by Quilt Moments.  Marilyn Foreman is the designer and it is stunning.  It has directions to make four sizes:  throw (48" x 64"), twin (64" x 80"), full/queen 
(80" x 96") and king (96" x 102").  In addition, there are directions to make the quilt with charm packs, layers cakes, fat quarters and yardage. 

20 blocks
Twin - 60" x 80"

I make all sizes of quilts but if I am planning to give it away I have to make at least a queen size quilt.  Everyone in my immediate family has a queen bed. The instructions for the pattern state that you need to make thirty blocks for a full/queen.  I believe that is five blocks across and six blocks vertical.  That decided, I made my first block this morning.  

16 1/2" square block

Fabric was included in the kit but I have to add 3 yards of my own fabric to make the queen.  That was not hard to find...I have a huge stash of blue batiks and accompanying fabrics that would compliment all of the fabric.  "EASY PEASY AND ONE BLOCK DONE AND TWENTY-NINE TO GO."  I will work on it when I can and hopefully be done soon. It is very easy to sew together and with the large blocks, the work goes fast. Each block is 16.5" square!  Love it!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Recap - Last Week

I picked up my fourth installment of the Sleigh Bell Block of the Month.  It is a cute winter mitten.  

I forgot to add the steam marks
 last month.  I finished it yesterday.

Row 1 - 10.5" x 38"

Small Quilt with Binding

Window Wreath Quilt also
 with binding

Friday, October 14, 2016

Summer of Spools

I found another kit as I was organizing my stash.  I bought it, again, several years ago from "Connecting Threads."  For those of you who are not familiar with "Connecting Threads," it is an online shopping site.  It carries books, patterns, notions, fabric and a myriad of quilting supplies for quilters.

I came across this small quilt, 21 1/2 inches square, and I thought it would be easy to finish.  It was, I started yesterday late afternoon and finished this morning.

I enjoyed sewing this quilt because the colors were sweet and it was fairly easy to finish.  The instructions were also easy to follow.  I as amazed as I looked at the kit.  Binding is usually included but everything needed was in this kit including the backing.  

Monday, October 10, 2016

Thimbleberries Window Wreath

This afternoon, I was moving some kits (trying to organize) that I purchased quite a few years ago. I am sure that it was at least ten years ago.  Every time I see the kit, I tell myself that I should make this simple quilt.  I am easily distracted so I don't follow through and do it.  I decided that today was the day especially since Christmas is coming up and I might be able to quilt it with a few months to go.  

Window Wreath Pattern

37" x 37"

I made the wreath (middle) according to the instructions in the pattern.  I had so much fabric with the kit that I decided to make the inner borders larger.  I made the inner red and cream borders 2 1/2 inches instead of 1 1/2 inches.  I did not have enough fabric to make the inner green border 2 1/2 inches so I made it an even 2 inches.  I did in fact follow the pattern and cut the outer border at 5 1/2 inches.  It was so easy to make that it only took me a couple of hours to put the whole quilt together.  The original quilt that I was going to make is only 32 inches.

Flock of Feathered Stars - Month 15

I couldn't sleep so I decided to try to complete the most recent block of the Flock of Feathered Stars.  The block is named the "Feathered Star, Finley."

These are the three blocks that we sew each month.  I believe there are only 48 blocks in the border so next month will the last of the blocks that we make.

These blocks are easy to make so don't be afraid to do them.  

A Month Long Vacation in Europe

My youngest daughter traveled to Europe during the month of September with her boyfriend and friend.  From the pictures that she sent to us, she had a blast.  I was unable to visit with her until this past weekend.  It was fun looking at her photos.  

She purchased four fat quarters for me to add to my stash while in Europe!

She bought them in Amsterdam.   The fabric came in this very cute bag with a drawing of a canal.  I thought it was very sweet of her to think of me.  I told her not to spend any money on gifts but she did anyway.  I made a quilt for her bed in the dorms her first year at  UC San Diego.  I used quite a bit of Kate Spain fabric (Good Fortune) and was surprised to see some of Kate Spain's fabric in the bag.  Thanks Caroline.

Sunday, October 2, 2016


This morning, I was able to finish the top for the River Rock Quilt!  It is so big that I will have to take it to my quilter to have her do the quilting.  It is an astonishing 79" x 86."  It was so big that I had my husband hold it up while I photographed it and he had to stand on stair steps that leads into our living room in order for me to photograph a majority of the top.

I loved making this quilt.  If you have the opportunity to make this quilt, you should do it.  It was fun and easy because of the large blocks.  At my local quilt shop, Fabric Garden in Sacramento, the initial offerings were scooped up and they had to open a second group to accommodate all of the interested quilters. My favorite fabrics, batiks, were used and it is stunning.  There is a second color way with brighter fabrics but it isn't available at our local shop but I have seen it on other websites but I can't produce a copy for this blog.    

Sunday, September 25, 2016

River Rock BOM - Month 9

This month is the last month of the River Rock BOM.  I made an error and stated that I would put the blocks together and publish the photos.  There were blocks to make this month before I could sew them together.  Here they are:

Block A - 13" x 13"

Block B - 20.5" x 20.5"

Spacer - 8" x 13"