Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block of the Month: Fig Tree Style

I worked last week at my children's high school.  The school year is starting soon and I usually help in the Finance Office.  Fortunately, my children are older now, graduated from high school and I work (get paid) and do some volunteering there still.  I usually don't sew when I work there because I am exhausted when I come home.  That is why I have not posted anything to this blog.

Last Friday, I received my first BOM from Fig Tree.  It is a bit different from the original Moda Modern Building Blocks.  You can see the difference if you compare my photograph of the quilt I am making to the Moda website where they have the assembly and finishing instructions:

Modern Build Blocks 2014 - Fig Tree Style

I followed the cutting instructions for the blocks but I had a bit of trouble sewing them together.  I will try another method to get the pieces to fit better next month or it may be my ironing.

Block #2 - 36" x 36"
Block #48 - 6" x 6"

Block #28 - 6" x 6"
Block #20 - 6" x 6"
Block #21 - 6" x 6"

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Daydreams BOM - Month 3 - Blocks 5 & 6

I picked up this month's BOM yesterday.  I love these blocks because they are large, 12.5 inches unfinished and 12 inches finished. Because they are large, they quickly come together.

I will have to think about this but there has to be a better way to put these blocks together with more accuracy.  I try and try to cut accurately but parts of my blocks do not come out straight. 

Block 5

Block 6

Vacation in Monterey

Earlier this week, my husband and I decided to take a short vacation to Monterey and Carmel to get away from the heat and also take some time away from his work. The weather was very pleasant, the high about 83 degrees and the lows about 54 degrees.  The weather here in Sacramento were about 98 degrees for the highs and the low was around 68 degrees.

We hiked around Point Lobos State Park.  We didn't see any otters but there were quite a few sea lions and cormorants.  The hikes were great and the ocean views were spectacular but there was a lot of poison oak along all of the trails.  Of course, this made me very nervous and I wanted to make sure that I would not fall anywhere near the itchy, itchy plants.

Every time we go to the Monterey area, I have to stop at the Back Porch Fabrics shop in Pacific Grove.  It has the largest collection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics that I have seen and quite a few books and notions.  It was grand going in and looking at all of the quilts hanging on the walls.

Back Porch Fabrics - - 157 Grand Ave # 101, Pacific Grove

I purchased three fabrics.  The yellow fabric is from Kaffe Fassett's collections.  The other two, I randomly selected because they matched my focal fabric.  

I am making pillows with my youngest daughter's sorority, Alpha Chi Omega.  I will make two, one for my daughter and the other for her "lil sister" this coming fall.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hampton Ridge BOM - Month 10 and a new Civil War BOM coming in October

I picked up the last four blocks of Hampton Ridge yesterday from Fabric Garden.  I finished them this morning.  They were fun but I feel a bit sad that these are the last four blocks of this quilt.  On the other hand, I do feel elated that the quilt will be done in the next two months!

Block 38
Block 39
Block 40
Block 41
As I stated above, these are the last four blocks for Hampton Ridge.  I assume that we will have two-three months of fabric and patterns for the setting, border and backing.

New Civil War Block of the Month starting October, 2014

At the Beatle Bag class earlier this week, Jill, one of the owners of Fabric Garden, showed us posters of the new Block of the Month program beginning in October.  The quilt looks brighter and the blocks look like they will be fun to sew each month. 

The top photograph is the entire quilt.  The quilt and fabric is designed by Julie Hendrickson for  Windham Fabrics.  Jill had the first month of blocks completed.  The backgrounds are varied and consist of Civil War shirting prints which I love because these prints read as white from a distance.  I love using white in my quilts. 

I apologize for the quality of the two photographs of the Threads of Time.  I could not take a great picture because of the lighting in the classroom was so harsh.  The next time I am there, I will try to take better photographs.

This shows the schedule of blocks that we will be making. For example, each month, we will make four of the same blocks but in different colors.

If you are interested in joining our group that will make this quilt and you don't live in Sacramento, please call Jill at Fabric Garden, 916-483-2955.  She can give you the details and the cost of making this quilt.  Jill will mail the monthly pattern and fabrics to you.  

The website for the shop in Sacramento is

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beatle Bag Class

The Beatle Bag class was held yesterday.  This was the second class that Jill from Fabric Garden (Sacramento) held so there were only six of us.  We were able to spread out and have a great time completing our bags. 

Linda used a colorful fabric with lovely gold accents.

Paula used fabric sewing motifs I love blue.

Kathy used her favorite fabric, batiks.

This fabric also had sewing motifs.
This fabric reminded me of the fall with orange and brown.

I used a grapevine fabric.

As you can tell by the photographs above, we were all over the map with our fabric selection.  I loved each of the fabrics used and enjoyed getting to know everyone again and those who I have not met previously.  Several times during our class someone would come in from the store and marvel at our concentration with the silence coming from the classroom. We really wanted to finish these bags!

Our class started at 10 am and was scheduled to end at 4 pm with a short lunch break at 12:30 pm.  Most of us stayed until 5 pm so that we could try to finish as much as we could before we left for home.  It was a blast for me.

I was able to finish my Beatle Bag this morning.  I sewed binding around the bag, sewed the handle and stuffed the pin cushion.  Over all, I love the bag and can't wait to fill all of the compartments with my sewing and quilting tools.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beatle Bag Class at Fabric Garden

Next week, I will take a class at Fabric Garden.  The class is the sewing/making of the Beatle Bag.  This is a picture of the pattern.  It is a bag with a pin cushion and plastic holders for your sewing and/or quilting tools.  It can also be used to carry make-up.

Jill at Fabric Garden suggested that I start some of the sewing at home and she was going to ask others in the class to do the same.  Just one step and that is the crosshatching of the outside and inside fabrics to the Soft and Stable (foam stabilizer).  She suggested that it be done at home because the last class that she taught, everyone did not finish it in the allotted time because they spent too much time making this part of the bag.

I started with cutting all of the fabrics, Soft and Stable and Velcro in the instructions.  I hate falling behind so I cut everything on page 1 of the pattern.  In the past, I have made mistakes and cut the fabric incorrectly so this time I scanned the page the checked off the cuts that I made as I cut them.  I started doing this a couple of years ago and it really helps.  

You can see the check marks that I made as I cut each piece of fabric.

I don't know why I haven't done it before but it really helps.  I also marked each of the cut pieces with its dimensions and labeled where each of the pieces belong.

I am easily frustrated when I am not organized.

These are the two bag body pieces of the outside and inside fabrics that I finished.

I hope it turns out.  I will take pictures of my progress and the people around me as we make our Beatle Bags.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Finished Northern Lights Mini and Book Review

I finished binding the Northern Lights Mini Quilt.  I learned to use the Mini Hex N More ruler and it was so fun.  I love quilts that are small because they are a manageable size and of course, the almost immediate satisfaction is great.

Front - Before Binding
Back - Before Binding
I quilted on the right side of every seam only.  Julie quilted on each side of each seam.  I think this is fine.

I included a picture of the back.  
I like to see the pattern that was created by the quilting.

I used a double miter binding.  It is a technique taught at Fabric Garden.  There is no joining of the binding but mitering at the corners.  It is difficult to explain but essentially the joining is done at the corners.

Book Review:   "Color Continuum - No. 01 Momochromatic" by Emily Cier

This book was suggested to me by an email from Amazon.  I purchase many books from Amazon because I get them right away, within two days and many of the books that Amazon suggests I can't find locally.  I loved the cover and the description:  "Five Modern Monochromatic Quilt Projects."  I love history and love the history of the Civil War so I have a HUGE stash of Civil War reproduction fabrics but in the last two years, I have started to notice that I love the more modern quilts.  The modern quilts seem to be lighter and brighter but the modern quilts that I have made seem to be monochromatic.  Needless to say, I purchased the book and have been enthralled since it arrived.  It has less than 50 pages but it is jam packed with graphics that look very similar to Tula Pink's instructions in her books and patterns.  Not all authors can write clear instructions but a good graphic can speak volumes.  

The photographs are gorgeous.  Emily used the Seattle shoreline (her hometown) as a backdrop for the quilts.  Emily has a website where you can purchase this book and see her many patterns, quilts and fabrics:

A photo of the five quilts in two colorways.