Friday, April 24, 2015

One more Quilt is Finished!

The third quilt is finished.  I had to work all week (CAASPP testing and subbing in the attendance office) so I did not have time to finish the fourth quilt!  I will finish it this weekend.

This is the third quilt and it's named "Stars."

Front of the quilt - 47" x 47"
Back of the quilt. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

More photographs of the Quilts for the Wedding

This is the "Ripples" Quilt.
I finally finished the binding
and placed label in the lower
left corner.

This is the back of the quilt.  
I did not buy enough fabric so
I had to add these 12" stars.
The stars added some interest 
to the back of the quilt.

The name of this quilt is "Anchors."
Anchors is the theme of the wedding.
I was afraid that I did not have enough time
to finish the quilts before the wedding.
I decided to make large blocks hence the 
two quilts shown here.

Erin's husband to be, August is an 
experienced sailor thus the anchor/sailing theme.
I made the quilts a bit larger then I had
anticipated.  I had to add the stars to the
back of the quilt to accommodate my
small purchases.

By the way, the quilting was done by Tracy Palumbo.
I will complete the remainder of the quilts, labels and
binding in the next few days.  I am scheduled to work
at our local high school next week.  I will publish the 
two quilts when I finish.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The quilts for the wedding are finally done!

The first quilt that I finished is called the "Scrappy Stars."  It is 42.5" x 50" and was so fun to sew together.  Tracy Palumbo is the quilter and she used white thread on this quilt.

Front of the quilt

Back of the quilt

The second quilt that I finished is called "Stars."  I just made star blocks and added a border.  It is 47" x 47" square.  White thread was used to quilt this.

Front of the quilt.

This is the fabric used to back this quilt.

 The third quilt is the "Ripple Quilt."  It is 36" x 41" and quilted with red thread.

You can see the red thread used.

I did not buy enough fabric to back this quilt.  I added three stars to make up for the fabric that I did not purchase.

This is the fabric used to back the "Ripple" Quilt.

 The final quilt is the "Anchor Border Quilt."  The quilt is 41" x 48."

This quilt was made with half square triangles.

You can see the blue thread used to join the three layers together.

This is the back.  Again,  I did not purchase enough fabric and added stars to it.

I have to trim the fabric and bind the quilts now.  I am so happy that I will have two weeks to add the binding.  As I stated previously, Erin will give the four quilts away to those people who help at the wedding.  I hope they like them!  Ooops!  I just remembered that I had better put labels on these quilts.  I had better stop and print the labels and sew on the binding.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Making "small-ish" Quilts for my Daughter's Wedding

My last blog I had reported that I was to make approximately ten quilts for my daughter's wedding.  She needed quilts to cover bales of hay that will be at her wedding out in the "woods."  We need to do this so her guests will not have straw sticking them in their lower body.  I was informed last weekend that I will only have to make five "small-ish" quilts!  Phew!  I thought I would be sewing day and night until May!  Five quilts approximately 40" x 40" are very do-able!  As we get closer, depending on what I have finished, I may have to do a couple of quilts quickly and not piece any blocks.  I have done these:


I purchased a few sail boat/ocean (the theme of her wedding) fabrics and made the small, 4 1/2" (UF) square composed of:  a solid white of the background fabric and three half-square 
blocks of the background and the 
sailing/ocean fabric.

Four of these small 4 1/2" (unfinished) 
squares are sewn together and
make an 8 1/2" square.
I am planning on making five blocks
down and across for a 40" x 40" quilt.
I may add small borders to each.  This of course, 
depends on the amount of time I have to
finish them all.

I hope that this process does not take up a lot of time.  One of my neighbor's daughters is having a baby boy in the next couple of weeks.  I hope I can have most of the five quilts finished so I can start the quilt for the baby boy.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Threads of Time BOM - Month #4 - Free Trade

This month's Threads of Time Block is called Free Trade.  It is another fun block.  I love just about all blocks with stars.  It was fairly easy to put together.

I used Deb Tucker's "Wing Clipper." I cut a 5 1/2" square plus four 3" squares and was able to make four flying geese blocks.  I cut one light and dark 3" squares made the half square triangles for the middle plus two 2 1/2" square to make the center.  Add four 2 1/2" blocks for the corners.  This block is very simple because of the "Wing Clipper" Ruler.  If you are not aware of this ruler go to Deb Tucker's  website.  Watch her videos, they are fabulous!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

American Summer BOM by Penny Rose Fabrics

I just signed up for the American Summer Block of the Month by Penny Rose Fabrics.  It begins in July at my local quilt shop.  It looks beautiful in blue, red and beige colors.  If you are interested in piecing this beautiful quilt and your local quilt shop is not participating, you can call my local quilt shop:  Fabric Garden in Sacramento.  I am sure they can send you all of the fabric each month and charge a nominal fee for postage.  Just Google them, give them call or email and I am sure that they can help you out.

I also found out at my local quilt shop that Penny Rose is a part of Riley Blake Fabrics.  I love Riley Blake Fabrics.  Their fabrics are beautiful, colorful and innovative.  I can't wait for this BOM to start!  Isn't it beautiful?!

Modern Building Blocks BOM - Fig Tree Style - #7

This is the final month of the Moda Modern Building Blocks by Fig Tree Fabrics.  I am excited that we are finally finished with the quilt.  I have decided to make one large quilt.  Joanna included an alternative to the one large quilt and that was to make two smaller quilts:  54" x 72" and a 54" x 60".  I already ordered the backing and binding and received them at the same time as the final fabrics.  I am ready to put all the blocks together.  It will be huge, 84" x 96".

Here is a photo of the final blocks:

I will probably not be able to sew the blocks together for a couple of months.  My oldest daughter is getting married in May.  I have ten uncomplicated, small quilts to make to cover bales of hay.  Her wedding colors are blues, aqua and yellows.... really colors of the sea.  Her fiance is a weekend sailor so those are the colors that I am working with BUT with the release of the Boat house by Sweetwater and Daysail by Bonnie and Camille, I don't have to think about what fabrics to use!