Friday, February 24, 2017

Month 6 - Quilter's Joy Mystery Quilt

I just finished the sixth month of Quilter's Joy Mystery Quilt.  It was fun but much more sewing was needed to complete this month's quilt portions.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Baggie A 

This is one of 9 pieces in Baggie A.  I am making the Quaintly Queen-sized Quilt and using the French General fabric:  Madame Rouge. There are baggies B-E, Baggies H-I and Baggie K with parts of the mystery quilt.

There will be two more month's of classes.  The parts that I can see, for example Baggie A is very beautiful.  

Friday, February 17, 2017

Vacation & the Double Wedding Ring Quilt

We planned a vacation last year for our family to celebrate my husband's retirement.  We decided to rent an Airbnb that would fit all eight of us.  It was a blast.  Our children and their "signifcant other" went snorkeling, swimming and ate our way through South Kihei's restaurants.

From L to R: Caroline (our youngest child), Jocelyn (our son's fiance),
Dermet (my spouse), Liz (me), Tom (our son), August (Erin's husband),
Eric (Caroline's boyfriend) and Erin (our oldest).

We went whale watching last Saturday when there was a storm coming in.  The water was so choppy that many of our fellow passengers were green and throwing up over the side of the boat.  Fortunately, my husband had brought "seasickness" patches and we were fine.  We saw many whales from afar.  I enjoyed watching a "calf" demonstrate it's breaching skills.  There were many breaching whales and it was a pleasure to be able to see them.  The crew kept apologizing for the weather.  We wanted the boat to get closer to the whales (within the allowed limits) but it was difficult because of the Kona Winds.

Our son, Tom and his fiance, Jocelyn are getting married this coming October, 2017 in Arizona.  They met while in graduate school in Glendale, Arizona and both are now pharmacists.  I decided to make them a quilt as a wedding quilt.  I decided to make a "Double Wedding Ring Quilt."  I did quite a bit of research and decided to make the quilt from Quiltsmart's Double Wedding Ring using interfacing to make the process go faster and less hassle on my part.  I searched YouTube and found several videos of the technique used and really thought that I could easily do it.  I selected the fabrics and Jocelyn helped me by letting me know that she loved "blues and grays."

The four fabrics in the center were 
purchased from Craftsy:  Boundless Ombre.

The two fabrics were purchased from my 
local fabric shop in Sacramento, Fabric
Garden.  They are Northcut Fabrics by
Deborah Edwards.

I brought these fabrics with me to Maui.  I was hoping to finish cutting the pieces from  2 1/2" strips.  I was only able to do half of them but it was fun just playing with the different shades of each of the fabrics.  Fortunately, Quiltsmart sells the small template on it's website.  

There is a drawing of the template on the pattern 
but as some of you know, it is so much easier to 
use the thick template plastic then make
a template out of cardboard or thin template plastic.

The template was larger then the required 2 1/2" 
strip.  I just "eyeballed" the middle of the
template and cut out the piece that I needed.

The next step is to attach the 
interfacing to the sewn six fabrics.

Sew on the solid line, the dotted line
next to the sewing line is the cutting
line and the other dotted line at
the ends must be inside of the fabric.

I used the "Bow Whip" Turn-it All to turn the 
tube inside out.  It was horrible.  I will have to bring my tube turner and ask someone to show me how to successfully use it.  It was so hard to turn.  In the Youtube video, they used a different tube turner and I just ordered it.  I hope that it is easier to use.

I will post photos of the coming steps.  It has been fairly straight forward so far.  I hope that it isn't more complicated.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

New 12-Month BOM - Saturday Sampler

Today was the first day of a new Block of the Month (BOM).  We meet the first Saturday of the month.  I have a photo of the quilt but it did not turn out well. As soon as I get back to the Fabric Garden Quilt Shop, I will take another photo and post it.  We are using solids for the blocks and they are offering two backgrounds to use:  a navy and a light beige.  I chose the navy as the background for my quilt.  We are given the directions to make the block with Studio 180 Design's Wing Clipper or to sew it together without the ruler.  Of course, I love using the Wing Clipper.  It is more accurate and uses less fabric.  

I did not realize that they also offered fat quarters to make a Civil War-like blocks.  I decided to do those blocks as well.  Each block is 12 1/2" square and this month's block is called Ciara.

Civil War Reproduction Fabrics

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Caught Up! - Sleigh Bell BOM, BCS Mystery Quilt and Westalee Sew Steady Class

I have been busily trying to catch up with my BOM's (Block of the Month) quilts. It has been an arduous task but I am trying to do a little at a time since I signed up for additional BOM's for this coming quarter!  I can't say NO!  The quilts are so beautiful!  I will tell you about them in future posts.

I have to tell you that I signed up to learn how to use rulers and templates through "Westalee Sew Steady."  We had our first meeting last month, January 18.  It was amazing and fun to see the possibility that I could actually quilt my own quilt that isn't just "stitch-in-the-ditch."  The one hilarious thing that I experienced that day was that I didn't know how to drop my feed dogs!  I had never done that before on my sewing machine!  It was fortuitous that I brought my manual and had to read-up on how to do that.  I only brought the manual to figure out which way to turn the tension dial.  Do I turn it right or left? 

The Border Creek Station (BCS) Mystery Quilt is fun.  We follow directions that are given to us every month (third week-Wednesday) and make blocks that will eventually turn into a quilt.  We also receive recipes and additional suggestions for quits.  I have done none of them but they look easy to do.  Anyway, here are two examples that we did this month.  This is an 8 month BOM.  We just finished the 5th month installment.  

2 1/2" x 4 1/2" - Flying Geese

Ohio Star - 8 1/2" x 8 1/2"

I just finished this block last night, Peppermint Candy.  It is the 7th month block of the Sleigh Bell Quilt.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sleigh Bell Sampler - Month 6

I am so behind but I have just finished last month's "Sleigh Bell Sampler" Block, the Christmas Stocking.  I like the blocks of this quilt because they are full of color and easy to make.

10.5" x 10.5"

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Flock of Feathered Stars - Month 17

Month 17 of "A Flock of Feathered Stars" was December's block:  California Star.  I had very little time to put the block together during the holidays, including Thanksgiving, that I am finally finishing it now.  

California Star - 24 1/2" x 24 1/2"
The photo of the block looks a bit strange.  I have not removed the paper from the back.  It will be a nicer photo without the paper.  I will post a better photo of the block once the paper is removed.

I picked up our 18th month fabric and it contains the finishing fabrics for the center motif and borders.  I probably will not start it now because I have other blocks to complete before I can finish this quilt.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Installment 3 - Quilter's Joy Mystery Quilt

In this installment we had only three tasks to accomplish but two of them were distressing to me.  The beginning of our class entailed tasting the recipe that was provided in our instructions:  Molasses Cookies.  Even though I am a diabetic, I had to eat one of the cookies!  They were delicious and moist!  I loved them.  Julie, our instructor had made them the night before and I couldn't believe that they were so delicious.  

Our first task was to take these little flying geese that we made last month (from Baggie D).  

This photo is the entire first task that we had to sew.  The middle section, flying geese was made last month.  First, we had to cut 36 - 3 inch squares and cut them diagonally from corner to corner.  I sewed on each side of the flying geese. The next step was to take the 36 pieces from Baggie A (installment 1) and attach it to the top.  We were told to trim.  I had to email our instructor Julie because I did not want to "mess" this up by cutting at the wrong angles. She assured me that it would be alright but I was still apprehensive.  As you can see, it turned out okay but we won't know until we start sewing these "parts" together.  Ack, I hate NOT knowing whether they will fit together!

The second task was easy.  All we had to do was to cut 18 - 1 7/8" x 12 1/2."

The third task was a bit more time consuming.  

Since I am making the queen sized quilt, I had to make 180 pieces of this block. It wasn't easy because each strip was 1 1/2" strips.  I had to take great care to be sure that the middle strip was exactly 1 inch once it was sewn to the first beige strip.  I ran the edge of my iron against the grey strip to be sure that it was 1 1/4."  Once that was done, I had to add on the other beige strip.  That was fairly easy because I was assured that I had done it right because I was so careful.  The next part was much more fun because I already knew that I had ironed correctly and measured after each ironing.  Phew, it turned out great and I hope that I have no problems adding this onto to the subsequent pieces once I start sewing them together.  

I am so glad that this is done.  I stressed about each of the cutting portions of this installment.