Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Charm Exchange Group and finishing the Lattice Bone Quilt

I finished the Lattice Bones Quilt last night.  I like the finished product and it was easy and very fun.                                                              

I am a bit embarrassed by the wrinkles in the quilt but I didn't want to iron it this morning.  I was feeling a bit lazy.

About a month ago, I read a FB entry by Kate Spain.  She announced a Charm Exchange through a blogger, Michele Kuhns of Quilts From My Crayon Box.   I joined the group.  It sounded easy enough.  I have quite a bit of Kate's fabrics in my stash and I am assuming that all of those that joined the group are also fans.   We were to select two 1-yard pieces of fabric and make 56 charm squares of each piece for a total of 112 - 5" squares.  We mail them in to Michele by November 5 with a Self-addressed, stamped envelope and she will mail us 112 squares of each of the charms sent to her.  I forgot to mention that we were to join her FLICKR group, "Kate Spain Charm Swap" and post pictures of the fabrics that we chose to exchange so there would not be any repeats.  I finished cutting my fabric tonight and now all I need to do is mail her my squares.  

These are my two fabrics from Kate's "Honey Honey" line.   

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