Saturday, July 18, 2015

New BOM - American Summer - Month #1

I have been anticipating the start of a new Block of the Month (BOM), American Summer by Carrie Quinn for Penny Rose Fabrics for months now.  I love, love, love Civil War reproduction fabarics and red, white and blue quilts!  I picked up the first installment of the BOM last Friday and I just finished the first two blocks today.

The first block, named "Skipping Stones" is on the left and the second block is "Sparklers."  Of course, I loved sewing them and I opened almost every seam because I was afraid of the bulk at each intersection especially in an 8" block (finished).  What I like about the BOM's at Fabric Garden is that the participants can opt to just pick up the pattern and fabrics or pick up the pattern and fabrics and attend the class that will help those individuals who want help with the blocks.  Of course, I opted to just pick up the pattern and fabrics and I do the blocks at home.  The additional class costs are minimal but my time is too expensive to waste with instructions that I can easily read and make.  So here comes is my only complaint with the pattern: The measurements of each section is not noted on the pattern.  I was unsure whether my first block was the correct size.  Of course, it was not so I had to rip a couple of seams and cut down some sections until the seams matched.  Maybe the measurements were given at the class.  I will ask the ladies at Fabric Garden if measurements were given and if they are, I can quickly jot them down.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Caught Up - Fig Tree Yuletide BOM - Months 3 and 4

I've caught up but I will likely receive month #5 in three weeks and at that time, I will be scrambling to get it done!

Block #5 - Goose in the Pond

This block is 15" square (finished).  This block was fun to sew together because it was made up of 9-patches and half square triangles. It was fast sewing it together.

This blocks is called "Goose in the Pond."  

Block #6 - Nine-Patchwork

This block was also very quick to sew together.  It is also 15" square and thirteen nine patches.

Block #7 - Lily Trio

This block is 16" square (finished).  Large pieces always make me happy because they have very little bulk and sew together quickly and neatly.  The stems were machine appliqued onto the background fabric.

Block #8 - Pinwheel Swirl

This blocks is composed of four Pinwheel Swirl blocks.  I love the secondary blocks made when they are sewn together.  This was another fun 16" (finished) block.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fig Tree Yuletide Block of the Month

I joined another BOM (Block of the Month) earlier this year.  Little did I know that I would be so behind and that I would be scrambling to do these blocks before the next blocks arrived.  This is a new BOM from Fig Tree and Company. Joanna Figueroa is my favorite fabric designer and I always sign up.  I have never regretted doing it but I fall behind frequently.  The first month's blocks arrived in April.  The next two month's block arrived as they were supposed to but I thought that I would be finished before July's blocks arrived.  NO SUCH LUCK! The blocks arrived this week.  

Month #1 - Puzzle Star

I love this block.  It is composed of nine churn dash like blocks.  It was very easy to put together and the pattern included with the fabric was easy to follow.  In the middle of this 16" (finished) block is a star depicted in green.

Month #1 - Caroline Lily Variation

This block is also 16" square.  If you hadn't notice the name of this quilt is the Yuletide BOM.  It is a Christmas quilt thus the red and green blocks. This block is still incomplete because Joanna will send in a future mailing another shade of green to make the leaves.  This was another easy set of four blocks to sew. 

Month #2 - Flying Geese Criss Cross

The next two blocks were received in May.  I am finally finishing them in July!  This block is also 16" square. This was another easy one because of the size of the pieces of fabric.  It went very fast and besides I LOVE making star blocks.  BTW, this quilt is a mystery quilt which means Joanna will give us instructions and/or suggestions at the end of the year on where to place the blocks for a pleasing quilt.

Month #2 - Feather Star

This block was by far the most difficult of the four blocks.  The small triangles and placement were tedious.  In the instructions Joanna wrote:  "Sew SLOWLY & CAREFULLY." At first, I did not follow her instructions and had to rip out the seam so many times (I lost count) that I was leaving some places where the triangles meet close to threadbare!  I like the look of it so I guess it was worth it.

So I am on to June and July's blocks.
Happy Sewing Everyone!