Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Still Organizing but I am taking a BREAK!

After seven days of organizing, I ran into a block that I made during a class about two years ago, Feathered Star.  I did one block and I almost finished a second but I did not care for all of the small pieces.  Needless to say, I abandoned the quilt but I have a lot of fabric that I did not use.  I added them to my stash but I decided to make the one block into a pillow.  Last night, I added a three inch border of light and a one-inch border of my dark fabric and added a two-inch border to finish it off.  So, I decided to make a wall hanging out of it.  Here is the result so far.

I have finished three of the four two-inch borders and I will add a photo of the finished wall hanging.

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