Sunday, October 20, 2013

PIQF....Pacific International Quilters Festival at the Santa Clara Convention Center

Last Friday, I was able to attend PIQF!  I tried to walk all of the aisles but after a couple of hours, my feet gave out on me!  I was very fortunate that my husband drove me there and the quilts were so beautiful that I was in awe of so many of the quilts that I decided to take some pictures of them.

This was my one of my favorites because of the  intricate details of the quilt.  It was stunning and the movement of the fabric moved your eye from one to the other was so playful.  I am sure required many hours of work.  The quilter is from Japan.

I loved this quilt also.  The aqua color is my favorite and the quilting was stunning.  This quilter is from the USA. 

This quilt didn't win an award but I loved the colors.  It is a depiction of Mt. Fuji.  The quilter is from Japan.

I also enjoyed this quilt.  It had recycled can pop-tops incorporated throughout the top.  The quilter is from the USA.

Dermet and I also loved this quilt.  It is more traditional.  We loved the color selection and the overall feel of the quilt. 

We were very impressed by this quilt.  We really had to take a good look at it. 

The pieced row were STRAIGHT!  The quilting gave it a "curvy" look.  It was ingenious!  We loved IT!

The quilt was made by Jan Soules from Sacramento!

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