Saturday, October 5, 2013

Civil War Melodies - Month 9 ----> The Homefront

Month 9 of Civil War Melodies arrived last week, The Homefront.  I enjoy this Block of the Month (BOM) series because the blocks are a little trickier to put together but there have not been a lot of blocks to make each month.  Four this month only....

I love the colors of this block, orange and greenI have seen the completed quilt online and it is stunning.

This month's block is about the Southern Homefront.  "The women were left to manage households and provide for their families. Confederate women were faced with improvising:  spinning, weaving, and making dyes from roots and plants.  This lifestyle change was commemorated with The Homespun Dress."

Here are the beginning lyrics:
Oh, yes, I am a Southern Girl,
And glory in the name,
And boast it with far greater pride
Than glittering wealth or fame.
We envy not the Northern girl,
Her robes or beauty rare,
Though diamonds grace her snowy neck,
And pearls bedeck her hair.

Chorus:  Hurrah! Hurrah!
For the sunny South so dear;
Three cheers for the homespun dress
The Southern ladies wear.

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