Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hampton Ridge BOM - Month 9

I just picked up this month's blocks for Hampton Ridge.  They were wonderful to sew together because they have "cheddar" in all four of the blocks.  I took several Civil War classes at my local quilt shop adapted from Barbara Brackman's historical writings several years ago.  The highlights for me were trying to incorporate the "cheddar" in every Civil War quilt.

Block 34
Block 35
Block 36
Block 37


  1. Hi ... I've really enjoyed seeing your Hampton Ridge blocks. I started to sign up for this BOM but didn't because of these 5" blocks that are divided equally into 3 parts. Are the measurements into the 1/8's or 1/16's to make these? The prospect of that scared me off !!

  2. So nice to see the Hampton Ridge blocks done in cheddars for month #9 I have not received month #9 in the mail yet.