Thursday, June 19, 2014

New BOM - Daydreams by Michael Miller Clubhouse and Swirly Girls

My local fabric store in Sacramento, Fabric Garden started a new Block of the Month a couple of weeks ago.  I usually join because it is fun, the quilts are beautiful and I like to support my local store.  The new BOM is called Daydreams by Michael Miller Clubhouse 2014.  The fabric is designed by Swirly Girls Design.  Fabric Garden participated in the Clubhouse BOM 2012.  I did make that quilt and loved it.  The store did not participate in the 2013 Clubhouse BOM.

I neglected to take a picture of the entire quilt in the shop but I will take one the next time I am there.  I just searched for the website and found it:
It looks like there are three color ways:  Jewel, Spa Brown and Spa Cream.  I am not sure which color way we are making but it looks like either Spa Brown or Spa Cream.

Spa Brown
Spa Cream

Both quilts are equally 

Block 1

Block 2
I am looking forward to making the future blocks.  They are more muted than I am used to but the two blocks have been easy to do especially since the blocks are 12" finished.  I love those large blocks!

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