Monday, June 9, 2014

Finshed Top - Jelly Roll Jam

I finished the top from the last blog that I posted.  There was so much blue, white and beige in the jelly roll that I wanted to add some "sparkle."  I decided not to add red in the middle of the quilt so I added a 2 1/2" border of red.

This quilt was made from two Snowbird jelly rolls.  It is 75" x 75."  My husband was holding it up for me to photograph so it is not straight but you can see most of it.

Graduation Party - Saturday - June 5

My nephew, Nick had a graduation party this weekend in San Jose.  We traveled 2 1/2 hours to San Jose to celebrate.  It was so fun to see all of my relatives and meet friends of my brother and sister-in-law.

My oldest daughter, Erin is graduating from UC Davis with her graduate degree this coming Thursday.  I will share some photographs but best of all, she is engaged to be married so I will have to make her a quilt or two.  Of course, I will publish them!  By the way, she is a quilter too!

Happy Sewing Everyone!

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