Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vintage Quilt Revival Block-Along

I have been reading a new quilt book called, "Vintage Quilt Revival" by Katie Clark Blakesley, Lee Heinrich and Faith Jones.  I read all three of their blogs: (Blakesley), (Heinrich) and (Jones). They are modern quilt makers and new authors.  I received my copy a couple of weeks ago.

This book takes twenty traditional quilt blocks and changes  them into modern looking blocks.  The use of color, size and contemporary settings of the blocks also add to the modern feel.  I enjoyed reading the book.

You can order the book from Amazon, Fat Quarter Shop and the Interweave store.

Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along 
Lee Heinrich announced on her blog that one of her friends, Sukie will host the Vintage Quilt Revival Block-Along.  Her blog can be located at sukiedontyaknow.comSukie will make two blocks each week starting January 21.  I signed up to receive her blog posts so I would not miss any part of the Block-Along.  I can't wait to start but I always have a difficult time deciding which fabrics to use.  I hope that you will join in because it really looks like it will be fun!

I just want to add that I am a traditional quilt maker.   I have quite a bit of 1800's fabric but I am trying to switch to modern quilt making because the colors intrigue me and the settings of the blocks on the quilts look so great!  This is a way for many of you who are looking for alternative quilting methods to try it and see if you like sewing modern quilts.  Thanks, Sukie for hosting the block-along!

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