Thursday, October 18, 2012

First Entry - October 17, 2012

Today, I am finishing a quilt for my daughter, Caroline.  She is my youngest daughter and has gone off to college, UC San Diego.  I started (in September) to make a quilt for her to put on her bed in the dorm.  She selected the colors (most of them are from Kate Spain's line, Good Fortune that I purchased from Fabric Garden) and she approved my selection of the pattern that I purchased at my Fabric Garden:  Yankee Pride, from Studio 180 Design, Ltd.  It was created by Deb Tucker to be used as a "Companion Pattern for the Wing Clipper I Ruler."  I will post pictures of the front and back soon.  I love this technique because you use the Wing Clipper Ruler and it makes the best "flying geese" on your stars.  The basic premise is that you make it a bit larger and trim the goose and star points to the exact size that you need.  I got busy with purchasing the items that she will need at college and couldn't finish the quilt.  My husband and I are going to visit her soon and I want to be sure that I am done so that I can give it to her when we do down.

Here is a list of the blogs that I have been following:  Civil War Quilts, Grandmothers Choice:  Votes for Women, and Barbara Brackman's Material Culture.  I really love Barbara Brackman's blogs.  All of the three listed here are by Barbara.  I love the history of quilts.  I didn't realize that I had an interest in the history of quilts until I took a class at 'Bearpaws and Hollyhocks' in Sacramento that featured Barbara's books and patterns.  They were fabulous!

Getting back to my projects:  I just started the Blockbase Sew Along group with EQ7.  The blocks are not the easy ones that I usually select for my quilts.  So I have found them to be stimulating and many of us have decided to post each of our completed blocks at   I will post my blocks here soon.  My iphone doesn't take great pictures.  I am trying to figure out how to use my camera and how to take better pictures of my blocks/quilts.

I am also completing a year long quilt, a block of the month (BOM), 'General Wives' Quilt that I purchase from Quilters Corner.  It is a large quilt that will finish in the next month (I hope).  I was attracted to the luscious fabrics.  They are beautiful, fabrics that have dark cobalt blues and blacks.  Just gorgeous. 

I have other blocks and quilts that I am working on but I have to do some housework so I must leave....


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