Sunday, October 2, 2016


This morning, I was able to finish the top for the River Rock Quilt!  It is so big that I will have to take it to my quilter to have her do the quilting.  It is an astonishing 79" x 86."  It was so big that I had my husband hold it up while I photographed it and he had to stand on stair steps that leads into our living room in order for me to photograph a majority of the top.

I loved making this quilt.  If you have the opportunity to make this quilt, you should do it.  It was fun and easy because of the large blocks.  At my local quilt shop, Fabric Garden in Sacramento, the initial offerings were scooped up and they had to open a second group to accommodate all of the interested quilters. My favorite fabrics, batiks, were used and it is stunning.  There is a second color way with brighter fabrics but it isn't available at our local shop but I have seen it on other websites but I can't produce a copy for this blog.    

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