Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rapid Fire Hunter's Star by Deb Tucker of Studio 180 Design

I know that I was supposed to start working on my BOM kits but I had a wonderful distraction, the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star by Deb Tucker of Studio 180 Design!  I spent the last two days watching the DVD, deciding what size of project that I needed to sew, determining how much fabric that I will need and running to my local fabric store, Fabric Garden to purchase the fabrics.  So EXCITING!  

I had been introduced (at Fabric Garden) to one of my most favorite rulers that Deb Tucker makes, the Wing Clipper.  It is the most extraordinary ruler that makes every flying goose/geese PERFECTLY!  I met Deb Tucker at PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival) three years ago in Santa Clara.  I realized that she had other EXTRAORDINARY rulers to make your sewing so much easier.  I always buy locally at the Sacramento area quilt shops first before I purchase from an online store.  I am embarrassed to say that I started buying Deb's rulers at Fabric Garden even though I haven't used them but I have every intention of doing so.

I purchased the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star (petite star) ruler years ago but I decided to purchase the "Field Guide" last year at PIQF.  It is full of layouts for quilts and yardage that you need for each project.  It's an amazing guide.  By the way, her videos are amazing too!  Check out her website:

I love red, white and blue quilts so these are the fabrics I selected.

It was an absolute delight to sew this quilt!  I put the whole 4 x 4 blocks quickly.  Of course, I did not include the time that I watched the DVD which I just purchased a couple of weeks ago from the website. I admit that I am a student and love to explore and read anything new that I am interested in trying. 



I came up with fun and enjoyable to sew!  As I said before, this is the 4 x 4 block layout of the 6" Block.  It is 36" x 36" finished.  I was so surprised by the ease of sewing this together!  I thought that I would be ripping out seams at the corners of the stars for hours!  NOT!  I must say that I did not watch the entire DVD especially the end!  Deb has remedies for correcting errors in other words:  troubleshooting.  I did not watch those until just now.  I could kick myself because I do have some errors which I could have avoided if I watched it all the way through.

Thanks Deb and Studio 180 Design for another fabulous technique and ruler!

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