Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Arcadia Avenue Blocks

I finally had enough left over fabric from blocks 2 and 3 to make block 1.  I made in error while I was cutting the fabric for the first block and I decided to go on to the other blocks and just wait to see if there would eventually be enough left over fabric to make it.  This block is called "Fly Away."

Here are the foundation paper pieces, one left and one right.  I have them upside down so you can see that there is a Block 1 - Foundation A & B.

I finished the Foundation B pieces first.  Pieces A & B are sew together and then sewn to the other pieces.

I finished sewing these pieces last night but I will have to wait to sew them all together for later. I just laid them out to decide where I was going to place them.  I see two pieces that I will have to change their location in this block.  I have to go to work so I will post a photograph of the finished block tomorrow.

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