Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Working on "Threads of Time"

Last month was the end of the Block of the Month (BOM), "Threads of Time."  I made all of the 36 blocks but only 35 of them are needed to complete the quilt.  I did all of the flying geese that the pattern wanted us to make and that was quite a few....over 300 of them!  

The pattern suggests that we sew all of the flying geese in column 1 together.  That is 40 flying geese!  Next we are told to sew the second column and sew it to the first!  Well....I am easily frustrated by trying to match points.  Instead of doing that I decided to go with another plan.  

Each 8" block has a four flying geese to the left and four flying geese at the bottom with the exception of the last row.  The last column of 8" blocks has a row of flying geese to the right also.

What I decided to do was the following:

Sew four flying geese together and sew it to the left side of each 8" block.  

I sewed on the six flying geese:  two that are sewn in the same direction as the first column and four pointing to the right.

I had to do this to 30 of the 8" blocks and the bottom row only had the four blocks to the left, no flying geese to the bottom of the blocks.  I had to sew 6 flying geese to the right sides of the 8" blocks of the last column.

I laid the blocks out this past weekend.  I selected which blocks I wanted in each row.  I stacked the blocks by row (see photo to the right).  It took me so long to sew the flying geese on that I need a bit of a break from matching all of those points!

On the bottom of each stacked row, I placed the last block with the flying geese to the right.  You can see them hanging out.  

I plan on sewing the first block of row 1 to the first block of row 2.  The second block of row 1 to the second block of row 2.  The third block of row 1 to the second block of row 2.  This will continue until I have just a few blocks to sew together.  

I haven't even started the outer blocks yet!  I will post a photo of the blocks when I get back to the quilt. 

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