Monday, September 14, 2015

Arcadia Avenue BOM - Block 3

I finished block 3 last night.  The name of this block is "Northern Lights."  It is another fun block to piece but I could not get the center to lay flat.  I have been working on this block for two days and can't get it right but I am tired of working on it so I will put it away for now and get back to it later to "re-work" the center.

 A friend asked how this block was sewn together.  There are six foundation pieces that are the right side of the smaller block (shown at the right already sewn) and there are six smaller components that are not sewn and comprise the left side of the smaller block (the foundation paper is shown here).  A left and right piece of the smaller block is sewn together and those six smaller components are sewn together to make one large 21" block.

Again, a fun block to piece but it is tedious work even if you like foundation paper piecing.

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