Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Finished Northern Lights Mini and Book Review

I finished binding the Northern Lights Mini Quilt.  I learned to use the Mini Hex N More ruler and it was so fun.  I love quilts that are small because they are a manageable size and of course, the almost immediate satisfaction is great.

Front - Before Binding
Back - Before Binding
I quilted on the right side of every seam only.  Julie quilted on each side of each seam.  I think this is fine.

I included a picture of the back.  
I like to see the pattern that was created by the quilting.

I used a double miter binding.  It is a technique taught at Fabric Garden.  There is no joining of the binding but mitering at the corners.  It is difficult to explain but essentially the joining is done at the corners.

Book Review:   "Color Continuum - No. 01 Momochromatic" by Emily Cier

This book was suggested to me by an email from Amazon.  I purchase many books from Amazon because I get them right away, within two days and many of the books that Amazon suggests I can't find locally.  I loved the cover and the description:  "Five Modern Monochromatic Quilt Projects."  I love history and love the history of the Civil War so I have a HUGE stash of Civil War reproduction fabrics but in the last two years, I have started to notice that I love the more modern quilts.  The modern quilts seem to be lighter and brighter but the modern quilts that I have made seem to be monochromatic.  Needless to say, I purchased the book and have been enthralled since it arrived.  It has less than 50 pages but it is jam packed with graphics that look very similar to Tula Pink's instructions in her books and patterns.  Not all authors can write clear instructions but a good graphic can speak volumes.  

The photographs are gorgeous.  Emily used the Seattle shoreline (her hometown) as a backdrop for the quilts.  Emily has a website where you can purchase this book and see her many patterns, quilts and fabrics:  www.carolinapatchworks.com

A photo of the five quilts in two colorways.


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