Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beatle Bag Class at Fabric Garden

Next week, I will take a class at Fabric Garden.  The class is the sewing/making of the Beatle Bag.  This is a picture of the pattern.  It is a bag with a pin cushion and plastic holders for your sewing and/or quilting tools.  It can also be used to carry make-up.

Jill at Fabric Garden suggested that I start some of the sewing at home and she was going to ask others in the class to do the same.  Just one step and that is the crosshatching of the outside and inside fabrics to the Soft and Stable (foam stabilizer).  She suggested that it be done at home because the last class that she taught, everyone did not finish it in the allotted time because they spent too much time making this part of the bag.

I started with cutting all of the fabrics, Soft and Stable and Velcro in the instructions.  I hate falling behind so I cut everything on page 1 of the pattern.  In the past, I have made mistakes and cut the fabric incorrectly so this time I scanned the page the checked off the cuts that I made as I cut them.  I started doing this a couple of years ago and it really helps.  

You can see the check marks that I made as I cut each piece of fabric.

I don't know why I haven't done it before but it really helps.  I also marked each of the cut pieces with its dimensions and labeled where each of the pieces belong.

I am easily frustrated when I am not organized.

These are the two bag body pieces of the outside and inside fabrics that I finished.

I hope it turns out.  I will take pictures of my progress and the people around me as we make our Beatle Bags.

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