Sunday, July 13, 2014

Been Busy...Posting finally TODAY!

I volunteered to help with the fireworks booth at the high school my children graduated from.  I did the financial side of the booth and worked a couple of hours here and there to help out.  This booth gives its proceeds from the booth to our Athletic Boosters.  We made quite a bit of money so it was worth all of the time that we all devoted to help athletics at our school. Fortunately, the booth was up for only a week, from June 28th to July 4th.

While the booth was up and running, I started a quilt that is for my oldest daughter.  She will be married next year in May and I decided to make her two quilts.  I am a third of the way finished with the piecing of the first top but I want the quilt to be a surprise, so I won't post any photographs yet.

I did, however, go to my local quilt store in Sacramento, Fabric Garden and look for some fabrics but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted but I picked up this instead:  Mini Northern Lights by Julie Herman.

The wonderful ladies at Fabric Garden put together a kit for this pattern.  I did not have to look for any fabric.  They did all of the work and all I had to do was to sew it together.

This was the second step, sewing all of the pieces together.  I took pictures of the strips of cloth before I cut it up but they did not appear on my downloaded photographs.  I don't know what happened.

This is the third step, sewing all 16 rows together.

I cut the "tails" off as instructed on the pattern.  It did not take me very long to sew all of the rows together.  I started sewing the rows during yesterday's soccer game, Netherlands vs. Brazil.  I love sewing while I am watching TV.  I finished it today while watching Germany vs. Argentina.  It was a good game and I knew that Germany would win but I was still rooting for Argentina.

My youngest daughter, Caroline (below) was able to travel to Argentina during the last World Cup.  She traveled to Argentina with her high school's band and was able to stay a short time with a family in Buenos Aires.  She loved the culture and of course, the Argentina team.

Now all I have to do to complete this quilt is to find a small piece of batting, put the three layers together, quilt it and bind it.  By the way, the backing and binding came in the kit.  The quilt it is 13 inches by 16 1/2 inches. 

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