Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kate Spain Charm Swap Round 2

Michele of "Quilts From My Crayon Box" is hosting the next round of Kate Spain's charm exchange!  This was so fun the last time that I signed up to participate again! 

If you like Kate Spain's fabrics, you need to join this very fun group!  We purchase fabric from any of Kate Spain's fabrics and cut them into 5" charm squares and send them to Michele.  She sorts through them and sends everyone that is participating a charm square of each fabric.  The only stipulation is that we do not use a fabric that was used in the last charm exchange.  There is a list that Michele has on her blog. 

I have already purchased two pieces of fabric to exchange.

Daydream - Ink Arcadia

Daydream - Scarlet Reverie
They are beautiful pieces of fabric.  I forgot to mention that we must post them on Flickr so that other participants will not send in the same fabrics.  I chose Kate's newest collection, Daydream.  I know that they were not included in the last charm exchange since they were just released last month.

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