Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Catching up......Month 5 - Hampton Ridge

I did not have time to sew last month's Hampton Ridge blocks.  This month's blocks are scheduled for me to pick up this week so I thought I had better sew the Month 5 blocks before I fall further behind.

Block #17

Block #18
Block #19
Block #20
Block #21
There are 41 of these blocks in the Hampton Ridge Quilt.  It has been fun except that I find that the blocks are somewhat small, 8" unfinished.

Alphabitties Review

I wanted to share with you a wonderful tool that I enjoy using.  They are called the Alphabitties.  These plastic "labels" help keep you organized.  I used them to help make my piecing a little bit faster.  I use those great Clover clips to label each fabric that I cut so I don't have to look back to see which fabric I cut a certain size or colors of fabrics that look similar to other fabrics that I cut.  LOVE THEM!

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