Saturday, July 8, 2017

Summer Sampler 2017 - #6

I am slowly catching up on the 2017 Summer Sampler by three quilters:  Katie (, Lee ( and Faith ( Their blogs are informative, wonderful and modern.  I receive their blog posts through email and always read them.  I enjoy their tips and looking at their quilts.

Week #6 block is called the "Marine Star."  I love all of the blocks but this I enjoyed sewing it and of course, the paper piecing.  I know that there are quilters who do not care for paper piecing but I can understand you non-acceptance of this technique:  working on the back of the paper, purchasing the special paper piecing paper and sewing through all of the thickness of the fabric but I love it so much.  To me it is easy and quick especially considering the sharp points are really SHARP!  This block is my favorite, so far.

Well, I have two more blocks to complete:  blocks 7 & 8.  I will continue to work.

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