Friday, February 26, 2016

I am making a TUFFET!

Several weeks ago, I took a class at my local quilt store, Fabric Garden in Sacramento.  I have seen many, many quilt stores that have this class on their calendars.  I decided to do take this class because I loved the look of them and thought it would be a challenge for me to try.  

When I signed up, I was given the supply list and thought to myself....ugh, how am I supposed to find all of these things on the list! Fortunately, our instructor, Jill had listed that she had finishing kits available at the first class.  Thank goodness!  We were told to purchase the pattern (arriving before the class was to take place) and we had the option of purchasing the finishing kit during class. Again, I did both...Purchased the pattern and the kit. I can't imagine that you wouldn't once you saw the actual finishing kit and the pattern.  by the way, Jill and her partner have a website that is absolutely glorious!  The colorful tuffets (photographs), some instructions and finishing kits were on the website:  

The first session, Jill showed us how to make the tuffet cover with the pattern, "Pieced 18-Tuffet" by the ""  We had a wonderful group of social women so the four hour class went by fast.  The tuffet cover is divided into eight sections and you have the option of using 8-strips per section or 4-strips per section.  It was not made clear to us what options would look like but looking at the website the possibilities were up to you.  I have seen solid sections, 8-strip sections and 4-strip sections.  

I originally decided to make the 8-strips per section.  After I started, I decided that I liked the 4 strips per section better.  The 8-strip tuffet was beautiful but I could not tell from the website that the strips were small and difficult to see.  Of course, that is my opinion only.  I selected to use 'Old Green Calicos" by Pam Buda (Marcus Fabrics).  I love these fabrics and they were featured on a prominent display at Fabric Garden's check out area.  I should've used some of fabrics from my stash but I could not help it.  They were so lovely.

I started out by sewing the 8-strips in each section.  Afterwards, I decided to change to 4 sections of 8-strips and 4 sections of 4-strips.

Here is my tuffet cover.  In our next session of this class we will be putting together the tuffet and finishing it.  Jill is bringing all of the tools needed to finish the tuffet.  I can't wait until it is done.

We were only expected to finish one section during the initial session and finish the remaining sections at home. We were also instructed to finish our  2 1/2" covered buttons.  

I did everything except attach four-18" lightweight cords to the underside of the button.  I will do that this afternoon and I will be finished with my "homework. I need a needle with a large eye to accommodate the lightweight cord.

I can't wait to see the finished product and the other tuffets made in the class!

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