Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Posting AGAIN!

Sometime in December, my computer got sick!  It acquired a virus.  It has been down for almost two months now.  I believe it was called a Trojan Horse Virus, at least that is what my husband called it.  He has been trying to bring my computer back from the dead and I believe he has done that.  At any rate, I am happily typing another post.

At the end of December, our oldest daughter, Erin, had two friends that had baby boys.  In the past, she usually made quilts for them but since she finished graduate school and started working full time, I have taken over those duties.  I think it is my subtle way of letting her know that I am happy to take over these duties because I want my own little grand-baby!  I started both quilts after the first week of January.  I will take photos after I am done.  I have only the binding to finish.  I can make a baby quilt fairly quickly, if I make the time, that is.  It has been pretty easy so far.

Erin also has a friend who is the Athletic Director and graduated with her at our local high school.  She is having a girl, this is her third child and she is due in March.  I've already started so I will post photos of that quilt as soon as I can.

Have any of you read the book:  "the life-changing magic of tidying up" by Marie Kondo?  The book is about "the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing."  I love the book and she gives many tips on the order of tidying.  I decided that I liked how she suggests storing t-shirts.  I could use this to organize my fabric stash.  I used small containers and folded the fabric "standing up" instead of laying them flat.  I have two types of fabric:  reproduction or civil war and everything else.  I separated them into two piles and sorted them by color.  When I stood them up, I could see what I had in each small container.  This process took me a good two to three weeks to complete.

At any rate, I have quite a few BOM (block of the month) programs that I needed to keep up.  I didn't do so well but here are the results.

Flock of Feather Stars

Month 6 - Star of Chamblie
Month 7 - Aunt Betty's Star

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