Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuffet Completed

Yesterday was the final session (one of two sessions) of the tuffet class.  I finished my tuffet in class except for finishing of the underside.  I did complete it when I arrived at home.  

I feel very happy with the final product.  I purchased another finishing kit from Jill so that I could make one for my oldest daughter.  The next time she comes home, I will let her go through my fabric stash and select the colors that she would like on her tuffet.

The whole process of making the tuffet was fun but it was noisy and a bit disconcerting  for me.  Despite the noise and use of tools, it was satisfying to see that I could actually finish the tuffet.  I spent all of last night with my feet propped up on it but I didn't want to make it dirty so I put a towel over the tuffet.  

Well, I am on to more sewing to catch up with projects that I have to do!

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