Monday, December 22, 2014

Modern Building Block - BOM - Month 5 - Fig Tree Style

I worked on this month's kit which arrived last Saturday.  I try to do these BOM kits when they arrive because if I fall behind it is difficult for me to catch up.  This is the fifth month and I am enjoying sewing together these blocks.  The colors are beautiful and it has been fun!

Block #17 - 12"
Block # 18 - 12"
Block #9 - 18"
Block #19 - 6"
Block #23 - 6"
Block #29 - 6"
Block #33 - 6"
Block #38 - 6"
I thoroughly enjoyed sewing these blocks together.  I can't wait until we start sewing the blocks into one unit.  This is what I love about quilting and piecing:  the end result is worth the time of planning, cutting and sewing everything together.

Happy Holidays, everyone. 
Enjoy your time with your family.

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