Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend in San Diego

My husband and I traveled to San Diego to visit our daughter, Caroline and attend an Alpha Chi Omega parent meeting.  Caroline is in the new pledge class and we thought that we would like to meet some of the girls and parents of her sorority.  We had a very good time and enjoyed meeting the girls.

These pictures were take on top of the I House.

The weather was wonderful (as always) with the high about 75 degrees.  Of course, the trip always includes a trip to Mitch's Seafood at Point Loma.  The fish is so fresh and always delicious!

I always try to get to a quilt shop in any town that I am in.  This trip was not any different.  The only time that we had to go was Sunday afternoon.  The only quilt shop that is open on Sunday is Rosie's Calico Cupboard by SDSU so we traveled to that shop.  I always buy project bags because they are fabulous!  I am always overwhelmed when I go there because there are so many bolts of fabric that I buy very little.  I did find Laundry Basket Fabrics, (by Eydta Sitar) her new line, Jelly Bean.  I purchased 3-one yard cuts of the following fabrics:

Beanstalk in Popcorn, Taupe and Watermelon.
I may have to go to my local stores to find the fabrics that coordinate with them.  They are gorgeous pieces of fabric!

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