Sunday, May 11, 2014

Catching Up....AGAIN! Hampton Ridge - Month 7

Catching up is the story of my life!  I had to work at the high school since my last blog post, this time testing the sophomore and juniors.  Most of them are weary of testing, it is almost the end of the school year, they are not happy about taking STAR tests and most of them are not motivated to complete them let alone work hard on them.  At any rate, their attitudes make me crazy and it bothers me so much that I "veg" out when I finally get home!

I finally finished the Hampton Ridge BOM from last month, April this morning.  Here are the results:

Block 26
Block 27
Block 28
Block 29
In two weeks, the next month's BOM will be ready for me to pick-up.  I feel compelled to finish these blocks ASAP. I have so many other projects just waiting for me to complete.  I do not need to sign-up for more BOM's!

I have been working on the quilt that I last blogged about.  It has been easy except for the areas where six different pieces of fabric meet.  If I am not careful, I have to take them apart and try to sew them back together to a decent looking place between the blocks.  That has been the most difficult part of piecing it together.   The set-in seams are easy if I just take my time sewing them together.  I will show my errors that I caused when racing through the set-in seaming in the next couple of days.  I will try to finish the quilt as well inevitably rushing and having to rip out seams and sewing them back together.

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