Thursday, December 19, 2013

Organizing my patterns with Pattern File.

Several years ago, I joined Pattern File.  It on-line software to catalog all of your sewing patterns. It costs a small amount of money each month or you can pay for the entire year, whatever fits your finances.  The difficult part of this endeavor is entering all of the information on the patterns.  What I love about is that you can see if you have previously purchased the patterns.  You can look it up on your smart phone or mobile device (There is a mobile app required to download).  There is also a free trial to be sure that you like the software.  You can share your pattern information with your friends but I don't even go there because I don't know who else is using this software.

If you use sewing patterns, i.e. Vogue, Butterick, etc., there is an "auto fill" feature that will provide you with pictures of the front and back of the patterns.  If you see the pattern that is the same as the one that you are entering, you click on that picture and all of the pertinent information appears in the area that you usually entered yourself.  Unfortunately, most quilt patterns are not available with "auto fill."  Amy Butler's patterns have "auto fill" and it is amazing to see the information just appear in front of you!

I take digital pictures of the front of the pattern and one of the back with the fabric requirements.  This is very pleasing to me because I can see if I have purchased this pattern or not (I can't emphasize this enough) and if I find fabric that I want to use, I can look-up the amount of fabric I need to purchase.

It has been at least a year since I last entered the patterns that I purchased.  I can't believe it so it is taking me much longer to enter all of them into my computer but I know that I will be happy that they are all accessible on my iPad and/or iPhone.  I will be finished with the computer work this morning and I will be sewing again!

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