Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fig Tree and Company - Lollipops and Little Lollies

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a quilt kit, "Winter Lollipops" online from the Holly Hill Quilt Shoppe.  I have never tried a "Dresden Plate" quilt but I have always been intrigued by the pattern.  It arrived last week and I have been looking at the pattern and the fabrics and I had to try it!

The kit included the pattern, "Lollipops" 
(pattern by Fig Tree and Co.), a color copy of the quilt that was made at the Holly Hill Quilt Shoppe, an explanation of the requirements for their quilt versus the pattern from Fig Tree, 21 fat quarters of aqua and red Moda fabrics, white background fabric and white with aqua dot fabric for the sashing.

I like Joanna's patterns because they are well written and easy to follow.  There are some pattern designers that are not so easy to follow.  Once I realize who they are, I do not buy any more patterns from them.  Only you can figure that out by purchasing them and making the quilt.

This pattern has two versions of the quilt:  Carnival Lollipops (larger blades, 10 inches long) and the Little Lollies (5 1/2 inch blades).  The pattern in the kit is the Little Lollies version and has three rows of three Lollipops versus the one in the pattern that has four rows of three Lollipops.

Each Little Lollies has eight blades.  Each blade has one aqua and one red so that requires sixteen fabrics for one Little Lollie.  I had to make 72 blades total.

The method to make each blade always seemed difficult to me.  I read Joanna's directions on how to make them. It just seemed too easy to be true.  I was so surprised at how easy it really was.  The only difficult part of this was trying to make them look "perfect" and getting those points to be "pointy."  I finally decided after trying to get the first five blades to look perfect, I would let it go and try once to get it look perfect and go to the next blade.

This is the first "Little Lollie" that I have made.  I can't wait until I make the remaining eight done.  I will have to attach it to the background fabric using one of three methods suggested in the pattern:  top-stitching, machine applique or hand applique.  I can tell you with much certainty that I will not hand applique them to the background. 

I hope the remaining 'Little Lollies" will be as easy.  I will publish the results in the next few weeks.

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