Monday, December 16, 2013

BUSY, BUSY Weekend!

I had a busy weekend.  I did no sewing but some organizing, again of my sewing area.  I purchased many patterns last month and I had to add them to my existing patterns.  I have a tendency to purchase a couple copies of a pattern.  In other words, I forget whether I already purchased the pattern or not.  I see the pattern, like the pattern and decide that I can't live without it, so I purchase it.  This is not a great idea.

Anyway, Saturday, we drove to Berkeley to visit our daughter and her fiancé.  They sail around the bay and bring their bicycles with them and ride where ever they go.  My husband had a brilliant idea to purchase them fold-able bicycles for Christmas.  We were not sure when our future son-in-law was planning on going back East to be with his parents for Christmas so we drove down to Berkeley (a 1 1/2 hour drive from our home).

Sunday was so bad for us.  Our youngest daughter was to drive home from San Diego.  Her car had a problem and she could not fix it herself.  My husband tried to talk her through it but without the proper tools she could not fix it.  We drove to Kettlemen City (a six hour round trip from Sacramento), my husband fixed her car and we drove home.  

After that long weekend of getting very little accomplished, I am going to try to catch-up with my Quilty Fun Sew Along today and tomorrow.

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