Friday, July 12, 2013

I am finally sewing again......

It has been several weeks since I have been able to sew.  I volunteered to help with setting up an online schedule to work at our neighborhood high school's fireworks booth.  Little did I realize I would have to work also!  To add insult to injury, we had a record breaking heat wave that entire week.  It culminated in the high of 110 degrees on July 3rd!  Needless to say, I could not sew when I returned home.  I was too tired.

I decided a couple of days ago that I could return to sewing the many projects waiting for me at my machine.  Unfortunately, I could not find my extra rotary blades to replace the dull one in my rotary cutter.  AAACH, I decided that I had to clean my sewing areaThe tidying of my sewing area took a few days.....

I finally finished yesterday after my eye appointment at 9:20 am.  The prescription for my eyes changed very little, not bad for a person with diabetes!  Of course, my optometrist was obligated to examine my retinas by dilation and peering through my pupils.  He said they had not gotten worse, again a very good thing for a diabetic.

Dermet and I went this afternoon and ordered glasses with my new prescription.  This is a traumatizing ordeal....the glasses and lenses are expensive but the worst part is deciding which glasses look the best on your face.  My new glasses should arrive in a week.  I hope I made a good choice!

Here is a picture of the six blocks that I completed tonight.

These blocks are Month 6 of Civil War Melodies from Homestead Hearth. 

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