Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hourglass Quilt

Yesterday, I started a new quilt with the fabric that I showed to you several days ago.  It has been fun.  I finished the first row two nights ago.  

It was so fun to work with the colorful fabrics.  If you have looked at the other blogs that I have written, you will have noticed that I also love Civil War reproduction fabrics but they are a bit somber and morose to reflect the times that they were used.  

Here are some of the photographs of the progress that I have made.  

The instructions in the book, Angles with Ease were easy to follow.  Fortunately the background fabric, white, looked the same (right and wrong sides) that all I had to do was flip the fabric to accommodate the angles without having to cut more of the white fabric to fit the right sides of the colorful fabric.

When it came to sewing the two parts together to form a complete row, it fit pretty well with the exception of two seams.  I had to pick the thread out and carefully pin to achieve a matching seam.

I finished this first row in four to five hours (with many breaks).  It was fun.  I like to work fast and usually make a few cutting errors but I decided to take my time and work as carefully as I could because of the angles of the cut fabric.

I tried to work on the blocks yesterday but I had a doctor's appointment with my OB-GYN in the late morning.  It was okay.  I enjoyed catching up with Dr. Julie and her family.  I hate to admit this but it has been five years since I last had my last PAP smear.  I had it done and it was okay.  My most traumatizing part of my day came several hours later when I went to have a mammogram.  I swear that my breasts were squeezed in a vice, 2x per breast.  The technician was very nice and I know that this is a good diagnostic test for breast cancer but my RIBS still hurt!  Needless to say, I did not sew very much yesterday when I returned home but I am trying to make-up for it this morning.  I took only this small amount time to write in this blog and here are the results so far.

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