Monday, January 5, 2015

Summer in the Park - Missouri Star Quilt Company and Wild Turkeys

I have been watching the videos produced by the Missouri Star Quilt Company for at least a year.  I am not sure when I started to watch and yes, I subscribe to the online videos.  It's like a guilty pleasure watching them.  Initially I stumbled across the videos by looking for a tutorial on how to bind a quilt without any effort.  I was quickly enamored with the "Ultimate Binding Tool."  I had to have one.  Sure enough, I found one at my local quilt store and purchased it.  I watched it many times and took copious notes to be sure that I followed the instructions to the "t."  I enjoy Joan's voice, her quick delivery and most of all her easy smile.  Well, I saw the video by Joan's daughter on the Summer in the Park" and the subsequent, "Summer in the Park II."  I thought it would be simple enough to use one of the many jelly rolls: a Kona Cotton White and a Horizon by Kate Spain.

Here are the results of my week of working on it:  

After all of the work is done putting them together to make a quilt will be fun.

Wild Male Turkeys 

I never tire of looking at these huge wild male turkeys in my yard.  They travel in a pack of five to six males.  I have seen a pack of ten once.  They are larger and more colorful than the females.  When they are showing off their fantails, they form a circle with the fans on the outside and walk in unison so the circle is intact until something distracts (cars driving by and/or people walking) them and they run, every which way.

Wild Turkeys - Male
Males showing off their fantails

I enjoy watching these male turkeys.  The females look for food in larger packs, about twelve to fifteen.  They are smaller but can be aggressive in the spring when they are with their newly hatched babies.

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