Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Modern Building Blocks - BOM - Fig Tree Style

This is the sixth installment of the Modern Building Blocks, Fig Tree Style.  I finished sewing this month's blocks:  #8, #11, #14, #26, #35, #37, #40, #41 and #42.  Here is a photo of these blocks:

I was able to put together one section of blocks that were in the instructions for the month.  I finished these just a few minutes ago and I thought I had better post these because I may not be able to sew the two remaining sections because I have to work the next two days.  Bummer! 

I was holding this section up and my husband took the picture and that is why the right side of the picture looks odd.  The large block on the left of this section is an 18" block.  The three blocks to the right and on the bottom are 12" blocks and the blocks above are 6" blocks.

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