Saturday, July 18, 2015

New BOM - American Summer - Month #1

I have been anticipating the start of a new Block of the Month (BOM), American Summer by Carrie Quinn for Penny Rose Fabrics for months now.  I love, love, love Civil War reproduction fabarics and red, white and blue quilts!  I picked up the first installment of the BOM last Friday and I just finished the first two blocks today.

The first block, named "Skipping Stones" is on the left and the second block is "Sparklers."  Of course, I loved sewing them and I opened almost every seam because I was afraid of the bulk at each intersection especially in an 8" block (finished).  What I like about the BOM's at Fabric Garden is that the participants can opt to just pick up the pattern and fabrics or pick up the pattern and fabrics and attend the class that will help those individuals who want help with the blocks.  Of course, I opted to just pick up the pattern and fabrics and I do the blocks at home.  The additional class costs are minimal but my time is too expensive to waste with instructions that I can easily read and make.  So here comes is my only complaint with the pattern: The measurements of each section is not noted on the pattern.  I was unsure whether my first block was the correct size.  Of course, it was not so I had to rip a couple of seams and cut down some sections until the seams matched.  Maybe the measurements were given at the class.  I will ask the ladies at Fabric Garden if measurements were given and if they are, I can quickly jot them down.

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