Friday, July 17, 2015

Caught Up - Fig Tree Yuletide BOM - Months 3 and 4

I've caught up but I will likely receive month #5 in three weeks and at that time, I will be scrambling to get it done!

Block #5 - Goose in the Pond

This block is 15" square (finished).  This block was fun to sew together because it was made up of 9-patches and half square triangles. It was fast sewing it together.

This blocks is called "Goose in the Pond."  

Block #6 - Nine-Patchwork

This block was also very quick to sew together.  It is also 15" square and thirteen nine patches.

Block #7 - Lily Trio

This block is 16" square (finished).  Large pieces always make me happy because they have very little bulk and sew together quickly and neatly.  The stems were machine appliqued onto the background fabric.

Block #8 - Pinwheel Swirl

This blocks is composed of four Pinwheel Swirl blocks.  I love the secondary blocks made when they are sewn together.  This was another fun 16" (finished) block.

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