Saturday, February 7, 2015

My first Quiltworx Pattern - One Leaf

I have admired Quiltworx Patterns by Judy Niemeyer for years.  I have even purchased about ten of them but I have always read the instructions and decided that they were too complicated for me to attempt.  Fortunately at our last quilt show here in Sacramento (I belong to the River City Quilter's Guild) I discovered a Quiltworx Certified Instructor, Cindy Myers at our show!  I have been the past chair of the vendors for the previous two years and always visit each booth to see if they are comfortable and like their location at our show.  Alas, I was asked to be the Country Store co-chair this past year but I still had to go to each booth to see how they were doing.  To make a long story short, I think I went to her booth just about every time I had a couple of moments to spare.  At any rate, I saw the pattern (below) that looked simple (in my humble opinion) and inquired about it.  

Cindy said that it was fairly easy but I had to carefully read the pattern instructions and just try it.  I did and last week I started it.

I read the pattern instructions several times so that I would know exactly what was required.  I finished it last night.  It needs a bit of ironing but I am intimidated by the fact that there are quite a bit of bias all over the piece and I don't want to stretch it so much that it will not fit to the other half of the leaf.  I am going to attempt to sew the half this afternoon.

The paper is still on the back. I am hoping that I will be able to iron the wrinkles out once I get it all together.  I have looked the piece that I finished.  It doesn't look as wrinkled as the photo above.  I believe that the flash on the camera reflects off of the highs and lows of the fabric.  I hope it does look better after I have sewn it together.

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