Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Moda Modern Building Blocks - BOM - Month 4 - Fig Tree Style

First, I just noticed that I made an error on labeling last month's Moda Modern Building Blocks.  I labeled it as Month 2 when it was truly Month 3.  I just corrected it.  Sorry, I was working full-time last month and made an error.  Oh well.....it will not be the last time that I make an error!

I just finished this month's blocks.  Most of them look okay but one block, #22.  I will probably look at it next month and redo it.  I am in a hurry today because tonight I am selling tickets at our high school's Women's Volleyball playoff game and tomorrow is set-up day for our local guild's quilt show, River City Quilter's Guild.  I will be working all weekend in the "Country Store."  We sell craft items made by our members (we keep a percentage) so it isn't junky stuff but nice holiday gifts to give to your friends and relatives.

Block #12 - 12" x 12"
Block #13 - 12" x 12"

Block #10 - 12" x 12"
Block #45 - 6" x 6"
Block #6 - 18" x 18"

I don't know how I got these photographs in just two rows but I am glad that I am able to do this. 

Block #25 - 6" x 6"
Block #25 - 6" x 6"

Last month, Joanna wrote that we would be using Block #25 two times in the quilt.  I made the one on the left last month but it was in error.  She wanted us to make the block in different fabrics, the one on the right.   So, I am showing both blocks.  

Here is the block that I am not pleased with.  You will see that some of the intersections are not meeting correctly.  I will do it again next month because I am just not satisfied with the results.  Ick!  There is so much bulk and I did not heed Joanna's instructions...take your time and sew slowly.
I will next month!

Block #22 - 6" x 6"

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