Monday, November 24, 2014

Fig Tree Mystery Sampler BOM - Month #1

I signed up to participate in Fig Tree's third BOM.  I decided I had too many projects last year to sign up for the first BOM but it looked like so much fun that I decided to join the second BOM.  I have had so much fun with the second BOM that I decided to join the third BOM.  I just received the first month's fabrics and instructions Saturday so I got to work right away.  I finished all of the blocks except for the Clamshell blocks (applique).  We are supposed to make seven of them, one for each fabric included in the kit that was mailed to us.  I have taken an applique class several years ago but I have not done any applique since.  I will post a picture of them as soon as I am finished with them.

Here is a photograph of this month's blocks:

There are 42 leaves:  21 leaves that are facing to the right and 21 leaves that are facing to the left; two blocks of Rolling Stone and three blocks of Churn Dash.  These blocks were fun, fun, fun.  Now on to the Clamshells.

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