Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby Quilt Back and My 58th Birthday

Two days ago was my 58th birthday.  My husband asked our oldest daughter, Erin for some seafood recommendations in the Berkeley/Oakland area.  Erin came up with a couple of restaurants to try.  She and her fiance' had to go out of town to attend a wedding so we had to go by ourselves.  We decided to go to a small zoo before going to the restaurant.  We had heard that the Oakland Zoo had a wonderful elephant enclosure. 

There were three elephants in the enclosure.  There was a pool, toys, trees and many other things for them to play with.  I enjoyed watching them all.  Did you know that an elephant has over 100,000 muscles in their trunk?  They also eat over 200 pounds of food everyday.

I really liked this elephant.  He/she was standing in the pool which had pieces of apple floating on top.  The elephant would not go in very far but he would use his trunk to move the water, churning the water to move the apples closer so that he/she could eat apples.  

I was so surprised with the tigers.  They were down inside a pit.  There were five healthy looking tigers and they were so active.  I have never seen tigers move so much.  It may have been close to their feeding time.  They were so beautiful.

This lion was amazing.  We heard him but could not see him at first.  He was lying close to the wall of the enclosure.  He started roaring when he climbed onto the hill.  It was very alarming to me.  It was so guttural and wild sounding. His paws were huge and he looked pretty healthy and clean.

After looking at the animals at the zoo, we were famished and headed over to the restaurant, Skates on the Bay.  The service was excellent and the seafood was delicious.  We were each given a complimentary glass of champagne.  My husband, son and I had a wonderful time.  Thanks, Erin and August for the recommendation.

On my last post, I complained about my new camera.  My husband figured out how to transfer photographs from the camera to the computer.

Quilt top with my new camera.

Quilt back finished this morning.

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