Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hampton Ridge - Sashing and side triangles, DONE!

Phew!  I do feel very relieved that I finally was able to add the sashing and side triangles to the Hampton Ridge quilt.  I have never made a quilt that is this large and on point.  I avoid making quilts on point because of the amount of work involved. 

I took this picture a few minutes ago.  The flash doesn't seem to work but the camera is new so I have to play with it to learn the settings that I will need to achieve a decent photograph.  

I neglected to take off the paper in the middle each block.  It indicates the number of the block.  There are 41 blocks in this quilt.  In two weeks, we will receive the instructions to finish the quilt by making a mitered border.  This is  another technique that I avoid.  However, I think it will be fun to learn how to do one.

Baby Quilt Update - I have given the baby quilt to a long-armer.  I am sure that it will turn out better than anything that I could do.  I will photograph it as soon as I get it back!

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