Saturday, February 22, 2014

Vintage Quilt Revival Block Along - Week #5

Love, love, love these blocks!  I mean all of the blocks in the book not just this weeks blocks:  Rolling Squares Block and the Red Cross Block. 

I always wait until the last minute to put the blocks together.  This week I have a very good excuse!  I have been sick!  Not the flu but a head cold since Monday and it became a chest cold Wednesday night!  Nothing worse than an awful cough and no sleep to make you feel even worse.  I finally got some medicine (sleep always help) and I am on the mend!  Phew!  It's good to be back but next week I have to sub at my local high school!  I will probably be exposed to even more "germ-y" stuff in the next few weeks! 

Rolling Squares
I decided to try the paper pieced version of this block, the Rolling Squares.  I have never done it before, the square-in-square (blue fabric) and of course, flying geese (green fabric). It was fun and very easy.

Red Cross
Of course, I paper-pieced this block, Red Cross.  Unfortunately, I think I was a bit delirious/sick when I did it.  I have never had much trouble joining paper-pieced blocks together until this one.  I think I will try it again now that I am feeling better.  I thought I had better finish this first. 

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