Sunday, February 16, 2014

Throwing OUT the Scraps!

I have ordered a new wire shelf that is arriving tomorrow.  I have a small sewing room that is full from top to bottom with old fabric and so many plastic bins full of scraps from past projects that I have finished.  I don't dare take a picture of this room!  I will however, take photographs of the bits of scrap that I am tossing into the trash.   Anything smaller than a charm square, a 5 inch square, will be tossed.  If it is a larger than a charm square, I will keep it!  I can't throw EVERYTHING away!

Unfortunately, this sewing room is so small and full of "stuff" that I moved my sewing machine, table and supplies to our den/family room several months ago.  I positioned my sewing machine about three feet away my husband's computer so that we can talk and watch television while he is working and I am sewing.  
I just want to add that as I am going through the scraps, I am remembering the quilts that I made.  I am feeling very nostalgic but.... I must get rid of it!  I must set those feelings aside!  Approximately, two years decided to throw away the smaller bits of fabric as I finished the project.  So the scraps that I am throwing away now are from quilts that have been done over two years ago.

A few years ago, I had some fabrics that were large pieces. I cut them down to strips because one of my quilt instructors once told us that she cuts her left over fabric into 1 1/2 inch, 2 inch and 2 1/2 inch widths just in case she might need to make a log cabin quilt or anything that requires strips.  I did cut some of my left over fabric but I must say I did not use any of them, not even once!  

The bin on the right is 7" deep x 15" length x 11" wide.  The bin on the left is 7" deep x 21" length x 16" wide.  You can't really see it but both bins are full up to 10" high (from the top of the table).  I am ready to throw it all away!

By the way, I found four quilt tops that are close to being finished.  I have a couple that need a border or two.  I think that they are from the early 2000's. I will try to finish them but I am working the next two weeks at our local high school, Rio Americano.  I will have very little time to sew but I will do my blocks for the Vintage Quilt Revival!  I am really enjoying this "Block Along."

Happy Sewing!

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