Thursday, June 23, 2016

Little Ruby Quilt Along - Continuing - Part 2

I have a few notes to add to the completion of the "stars" from Part 2 of Little Ruby.

I forgot to mention that the makers of the colorful quilt (shown below on the left) added that another quilt can be made from the leftover fabric (quilt on the right).

The instructions want us to make only one top and one bottom of the star block. I easily made two tops and bottoms from the two strips.  I am thinking that I might be able to make two of the colorful quilts and maybe one large quilt with the lighter top and bottom star blocks along with the left over colorful blocks.

Additional tips:  I used the small rotary cutter, 28 mm to cut the triangles.  I felt like I had better control of the rotary cutter.  It was easier to trip around the template.

I also noticed that the fabrics used in colorful quilt were not the light blue or aqua fabric.  I just assumed that the aqua was too close to the background fabric.  In other words, there was no contrast between them.

My last tip is to heed Kimberly's advice: heavily starch the two pieces before you start cutting the parts for the star.  The bumps can make the fabric shift and cause inaccurate cutting.

I am almost done with the making of the tops and bottoms of the stars.  I will take photos of them this afternoon.

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