Thursday, November 12, 2015

Classic Yuletide BOM - Month 8

Woo Hoo!  I am all done with the Christmas blocks for this month anyway.  I will have to do four more blocks?  I am not sure but I am looking forward to putting it all together.  I love the red, green and white fabrics and most of the blocks.  I saw a sneak peek from Joanna sometime last week and this quilt looks amazing.  

Block #15 is called the "Flying Geese."  This was a fun one to put together.  The hardest part for me was deciding where to place all of the flying geese.  It was fun but I had to pin so many of the geese to be sure that the "wings points" matched at the seams. 

Block #16 is called "Rolling Stones."   
Again, this was a fun block to sew but matching points is difficult without pinning.  I consider myself a "pinner" but lately, I have tried not to pin as much as I usually do.  

There are a few applique additions that Joanna asked us to  do this month.  I have not started it yet but I will post before and after photos (if they look good) when I post month 9.

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